2 May 2008

Islamists, Erotic Singers, and our MP's

I wasn't even going to go into the whole Haifa Wahbi issue, since I believed the whole fuss raised about her was, to say the least, ludicrous. But when I posted "feels like a war zone" and just mentioned the fact that I thought our MP's were being really, very silly by trying to ban the concert, I get our dear Mr. Anon arguing at how he didn't like what I said.

Well, the truth is, the are unfortunately a number of people who are with our MP's on this, and who believe banning a singer was the right thing to do. This isn't a reply to you, Anon, but it's a reply to all Islamists who believe our country should turn into a mini Saudi Arabia, all those who believe our MP's have a job to enforce their religious extremist beliefs on us, and is a direct message to all our MP's to stop their stupid antics and do the job they were hired to do.

Anon, you mentioned that Bahrain is supposed to be an 'Islamic Country'. Well allow me to say that really has no relevance; countries don't go to heaven or hell, countries don't get judged under of the eyes of God. People do. It doesn't matter how 'Islamic' you try to make a country, it won't affect the people in it; the good people will be good, and the bad people will be bad, regardless of where they live.

Let me give you an example; our extremly Islamic neighbor, Saudi Arabia. If you want to discuss islamic countries, I don't think you have a more apparent one than that. No offence to our brothers from across the causeway, but lets take a look at some of their people; sneaking out to other countries to look for drinks, alcohol, and all forms of sin. And I don't mean just in Bahrain; somehow our Islamic Saudi brothers have gotten a reputation for throwing their money at all sorts of fun activities banned in their country, from Bahrain to Dubai, Beirut to Geneva.

You see, banning something doesn't stop people from doing it; in fact, it makes some rebel and want to do it even more. The Haifa Wahbi concert would not have happened if there was no one to buy the tickets, and if banned, people would have found another erotic singer to entertain them elsewhere. After all, Bahrain has multiple nightspots with acts a hundred times more erotic than anything Haifa is capable of even displaying, with a happy ending in your hotel room if you pay enough. Don't tell me banning Haifa from singing is the solution to make our society more pious, hell, it's not even a start. Banning anything is not a solution, for people will find their way around any ban. Going back to Saudi, you think alcohol doesn't exist inside the country? You think there aren't crazy parties there with the most outrageous behaviour? You think drugs aren't available? Well let me tell you that you would be shocked to know some of the things i've seen first hand inside Saudi, and it beats anything you've seen in any bar or nightclub.

The best example of a Muslim i've ever seen was not on this side of the World; I was in downtown Washington DC late on a weekend night. Nightclubs blasting music next to me, groups of drunk people walking past me, and random drug junkies getting high in a dark corner. I was waiting for the bus, and I heard someone talking about Islam. I turned to see a black man, wearing shabby and worn clothes, preaching to a homeless person about Islam. You could see the shine in his eyes as he spoke, and talked about his religion of choice with passion, bringing another person to believe. He noticed me listening and spoke to me; "Salam Alaikum.. You're a Muslim brother aren't you?" he asked. I nodded, to which he continued "I could tell from the way you were listening", and we struck a conversation that lasted for a good hour or two.

There you have it.. Those from the most religious country let loose and gone wild, while a person in a country that strongly discriminates against Islam, standing strong and preaching his religion. Don't tell me banning the temptations of life are the solution; Islam, and any religion infact, are to be followed in the mind and heart, not based on your surroundings. You don't hide temptations and then claim you're a good Muslim when there's nothing around you to lure you to the dark side.. A good Muslim resists no matter what.

Now lets jump back to our MP's. Trying to ban a singer? Bahrain has ISSUES, guys! From unemployment problems, to housing, to corruption, to figuring out who stole what from where.. We didn't hire you to do religion, we hired you to do politics. But you guys focus on a bloody singer, and you're giving me Islam as an excuse? Islam is about behaviour, actions, and what's inside your heart first before anything else. Things banned are only a small part of it, but you've turned it into a HUGE issue. When you guys sit in a parliament session swearing at each other, that's not Islamic. When you guys skip a session to fulfil your own agendas while the people who trusted and elected you wait, that's not Islamic. Hell, when you try to do a job you're unqualifed for, sitting on your butts earning a salary that you don't deserve, that's not Islamic. So get off our backs and start doing your jobs, or resign and let someone whose qualified to create progress do them.


Anonymous said...

hi again,
i was waiting for you reply ammar..

راح أتكلم بالعربي مرة ثانية،
لأن أسهل وأريّح لي..

تقول إن المفروض ما نمنع المغريات، يعني باختصار رأيك يمشي على مبدأ " خلنا نسمح بكل شي، ما دام المسلم المؤمن مؤمن فـ راح يبتعد عن الأشياء اللي مو زينة "..

على هالسالفة، خلنا نشيل القانون، خلنا نلغي السلطة التشريعية، خلنا نوّفر للناس جميع أنواع المحرمات، لأن المسلم راح يظل مسلم لو شنو يواجه..

إذا كانت المسألة بهذي السهولة والبساطة، فـ ليش الله أمر بالعقاب؟ ليش أمر بالحدود والتعزيرات؟ ليش أمر بسد باب الذرائع؟ وليش أمر بالأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر؟

الله ما يسوي شي من دون حكمة (اعتباطًا شكليًا) ولو سوينا مثل ما قلت وهدينا الحبل على الغارب، يمكن نصير أخس من اللي يسوونه في السعودية، دائمًا تذكر إن النفس أمارة بالسوء..

أما بالنسبة لمجلس النواب (هذا الرد لك و لـ Coolred38)
فأنا أتفق معاكم في هالمسألة، في مشاكل وايد في البلد أهم من هيفاء، في الأصل عندنا وايد مشاكل فسق وفساد وشرب كحول وفنادق وأندية.. إلخ إلخ، كل هالأشياء أولى من هيفاء، وكان الأجدر للمجلس إن يركز عليها، بل كان الأجدر به أن يركز على السياسة والحالة الاقتصادية وما إلى ذلك من أمور مهمة..

أصلاً - يا أخي - هيفاء لوحدها أثبتت إن اجتماع 17 نائب من عدة فرق وكتل سياسية وتهديدهم باعتصامات ومظاهرات يساوي = ولا شي، وتهديدهم تبخر مثل كل الأشياء الثانية اللي يسوونها.. مجلس نواب ما يقدر ينظم اعتصام واحد مشترك، شنو تتوقع منه غير الجعجعة من دون طحن!!

مع ذلك تبقى الوقفة ضد المعصية والمنكر (هيفاء يعني) أحسن من المشاركة أو السكوت، لأن حتى السكوت عن المنكر - يا عزيزي - يُؤثم عليه الإنسان!!

ويبقى الرد على Aigre-Doux..

ما لي بارض أكتب له بالإنجلينزي، لأن شكله ما يتكلم عربي، فإذا أحد يتكرم ويترجم له وايد زين!

من قال إن البحرين بلد إسلامي؟؟ ميثاق العمل الوطني يا عزيزي، الباب الأول / المادة الأولى، وأبقى على موقفي، بلد يعترف إنه إسلامي وإنه يمشي مع شرع الله، لا يبي عليه استجلاب المعصيات وتوفيرها..

السؤال الثاني بخصوص شنو أعرف عن تاريخ الإسلام، وإن الحكومة والدين يختلفون، الإسلام ينص عن عدم تفريقه مع أي جهة من جهات الدنيا، الدين الإسلامي يجب أن يوجد، بل هو موجود في جميع أوجه الحياة، ولهذا فـ هو دين شامل ومتكامل، اللي يفرقون بين الدين وبقية الأمور فهذا الأمر يُعرف بـ العلمانية، وهذي يبي لها قعدة بروحها..

انزين، هذا شي والشي الثالث:
islam has everything to do with everything
وهي نقطة وضحتها بتفصيل في الفقرة السابقة..

وبس، سلامتكم..

KJ said...

You're right, it is up to the individual to be and act Muslim, but it is also the country's role to help its citizens behave. Imagine if public nudity was allowed? Would you accept?

It is a different scenario, yes, but it is just a general concept. They perhaps think Haifa is a bit toooooo inappropriate, and I can't really blame them, but in the end business is business. Haifa being welcome in Bahrain is not set by whether or not the MPs ban her, but rather on the amount of people who would show up in the concert plus the public reaction.

From the looks of things I don't see her being welcome

Coolred38 said...

I would venture to guess if public nudity were allowed....it was because a majority of the people accept such nudity in public...look at the beaches in France etc.

In other words...the people's voice of acceptance or discontent should be the vanguard for what the MP's decide to focus their attention on. Nobody was complaining about Haifa coming here but them...the people generally dont care about performers and concerts...they do care about feeding their families and keeping a roof over their heads. MP's should listen to the peoples complaints and focus on those before going off on some Holy Tangent and start banning whatever they deem unIslamic. As ammar said...they were elected to be political representatives of the people...not the religious police.

eshda3wa said...


i could swear to you our mps are related!!

u think our mps get together and discuss ways to run both our countries down?

ammaro said...

Well, anon, to be perfectly honest with you, I dont really like whats going on in bahrain. I dont like seeing our people losing their faith, i dont like seeing nightclubs and bars increase in number, and I dont like seeing them get filled with our locals. I dont like seeing prostitutes on every street corner, i dont like seeing the hotels fill up for shady business. I dont like seeing drug use increase, i dont like seeing crime cases reported in the news everyday.

BUT.. This isn't the MPs job. Just because some religious people were hired to do the job doesnt mean they should replace all the other important issues we need to be discussed for some superislamist agenda. If they want to do it in their own free time, well by all means they can go ahead, and they would have my blessings. But not let it get in the way of the important issues i need solved, least of which is the state of immorality in bahrain. Stopping a singer isnt going to fix it.

Aigre-Doux said...

Anonymous: You are sheep. I'm sorry you're incapable of thinking for yourself and that you think the "National Charter" was handed down by God. If I were to follow your idiotic logic, so are our self-proclaimed rulers and thus, in a country where half if not more of the entire population believes that the ruling class has no legitimacy, 60-70 percent of Bahrainis are anti-Islamic.

Your incomprehensible point about secularism and Islam having to do with everything, also answers my question about your ignorance of how the state and religion have developed in Islamic history.

I have no problem accepting and listening to different points of view - including those of the religious... but I have no patience for stupidity.

I suggest you work on some puzzles, logic games, brain-teasers etc. It might bring you into the realm of average intelligence. Good luck.

rosh said...

WO-OW, read that post and held my breath from from start to finish!

Brilliantly said/debated: couldn't have explained it better myself.

Wish I could vote in BAH - I'd proudly vote Ammaro to MP :)

Thanks for this post, pleasure reading.

Anonymous said...


thank you very much, i appreciate it..

i salute you for your communication skills and the way you use to make your points..

also, i really like the respect you have to others..

nice disagreeing with you,
take care..

Zaydoun said...

As a Kuwaiti, I want to issue a warning to my fellow Bahrainis not to let your Islamist MPs hijack your lives like they've done to us here

Anonymous said...

What about the MPs and their "fact-finding" diversion trip when in Thailand a few seasons ago?

Were these 'facts' ever published?

Rez said...

If there's one thing I've learned is that religion and politics never mix well and I for a fact know of NO good example to state otherwise.

Angel Spitfire said...

sorry to sound dumb and all, but what does MP means?

moryarti said...

Great post and totally agreee.

There are far more serious issues in Bahrain to worry about than what Haifa is wearing (or not wearing in this case)... :)

al-republican said...

Salam, Ammaro,

I found your blog through Rosh's latest post on his blog. I just read this one post of yours and see a lot of resentment in you for what your government has done.

I will agree with you that banning Haifa Wahbi is hardly a cure, but I think the edifice of your entire arguments are based on patently flawed - from a shar'ee perspective - assumptions.

Good and bad will always co-exist because that is how Allah (SWT) in His Infinite Wisdom has willed it in this World. Therefore, a good black preacher in the US and a spoilt, rotten Saudi are hardly the creation of state machinery and/or draconian laws. Quite clearly the same can be said vice versa. There are good people in Saudia and bad in the US too.

Following the line of reasoning you present, there would be no need for prophethood, holy scriptures and indeed even God (wal 'eeyauthubillah). For the fact of the matter is that there was good and bad even at the times of Rasulullah (SAW) or Jesus (alayhis salam). So why send these people? Why does the Qur'an keep stressing on the need for "amr bil-ma'roof wa nahin anil-munkar"? Why did the Holy Scriptures ban, for example, alcohol? Why did Allah (SWT) even create alcohol if He wanted to ban it? Did the Supreme Being above the Heavens (figuratively speaking) not know that banning alcohol will give birth to rebels as you point out? In fact, why did any bad have to exist? Or for that matter who exactly defines what is good or bad? What is so wrong with us roaming around naked? In fact, what is even wrong with a person such as Josef Fritzl who "shot to fame" recently with his incest cellar? Who defines his behavior as wrong?

You don't seem to be the type of person who likes to be told what is right and wrong, which I presume is your birth-given right. I have therefore not attempted to challenge your assertions. I have asked you these pressing questions because from your writing you seem like a sharp guy who can come to reasonable and correct decisions - in fact, most people can.

I trust what I have mentioned above may help you think deeper into this matter and at the end of the day we all are travellers in the same path to enlightenment.


Anonymous said...

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