27 May 2008

Can't make that final jump.

You take risks, risks that are uncomprehendable to most people, but you take them; you know this is what you want to do, that you don't want to be living like everyone else believes everyone should live. You drag your way through one situation after another with difficulty, since you're alone and no one understands what you're trying to achieve.

But you're making it, you're reaching your goal, you're getting there, slowly. You line up the targets, one by one, carefully placing everything in the right order. You feel good, this feels right. You keep working at it, building your creation.

Now you're almost done, there's just one more tiny jump to take, the one that will tell you if all this effort, all this work, all this time, is actually going to pay off. But you can't. You hesitate, you procastinate, you find something else to keep you busy. You tell yourself tomorrow is the day to take the jump. When tommorow comes, you convince yourself that it's the day after. And so you go on...

What is it? Is it the fear that all this might not work?


Redbelt said...

It's called the circle of comfort. Try this:

Put a dot on a white paper. Lets say that dot is you. Draw a circle around the dot. Inside the circle is everything you are comfortable with and know. Eating machboos. Blogging. Driving a car.
Outside the circle is stuff that you haven't tried or don't know, like parachuting (I'm guessing you didn't do that).
Anything outside the circle is not comfortable to you. But wait, not everything inside the circle was there to begin with. Driving for example was outside the circle. As you took lessons, you STRETCHED that circle until it included Driving.
This concept applies to everything. Marriage. New Job. Anything in life. Just remember that the hesitation you may feel is the resistance of the circle. Push forward and it will happen.

Good luck.

N. said...

It is probably a subconcious way of saying you are waiting for something... what are you waiting for that will make you jump? can you do the jump without waiting? hmm.

Re.Loaded Soul said...

I think you might be thinking and worried too much about the post-jump-effects, rather about the jump itself. This is quite normal with us, I mean taking that much of risk and then questioning it in later stages or even convincing ourselves we are not yet ready. What you need to do, in my opinoin, is to first tell yourself, whatever going to happen, becasue of this jump, I will take the full responsibility of it, and I will not feel bad about it, as there is no always a single successful jump. If I were you, I will be thinking about the second or even a third jump!When it comes to planning it, you need to have some sort of what-if scenario. When it comes to doing it, follow your heart only!

P.S. Jump Jump Ammaro...e7naa waraaak

Qute said...

uffff 5a6re fe machboos.. its been a while..

Anyways yes i do beleive that its a matter of accepting the risk... If we can accept the concequences that might happen then everything will flow... So is it fear ? Yes but is the fear in place.. we have to decide this by ourselves. I guess I learned something from this trip. When you learn to take the chance knowing the drawbacks and doing it anyways, IS MUCH better then going back one day and saying what if ?

Three-Legs Alice said...


inspiration (i think)

BuZain said...

your fear failure. Please don't. It might not come at all. And if it does, consider it as a milestone towards success. And always remember that "Failure breeds success".

Desert-Roses said...

so tell us whats going on ? :)
Uncover the mystry

Zhu said...

That's a mysterious post!

I think people are like that sometimes. The work, all the effort needed to achieve something, all that taste better than the achievement itself.

Probably not so much the fear to lose, just fear of the unknown.

KJ said...

Lissa you didn't jump?!!

It is fear from new territory basically. You became comfortable on the ground you are on and you don't know if you are jumping for better or worse. But you wouldn't know until you jump. If it is for better, good for you. if not, then you learn :)

rosh said...

Hi there - I hope you take on the courage, and more importantly an amount of calm sensibility - to do what pleases you in life.

Decisions of this magnitude are never easy. Only you shall know what to do - best & earnest prayers.

ammaro said...

redbelt; i understand that concept. i've actually pushed out of the circle, and things are all in place, just the last step!

n; maybe it's like jumping into a swimming pool for the first time... someone has GOT to push u :p

reloaded; true. think less, jump more. makes perfect sense.

qute; i don't see how my post made you think of machboos :p

three; that's actually pretty inspirational. thank you :)

buzain; yeah, a little bit of that. you're right though. again, think less, ammar!

desert; nope :p only when its all done!

zhu; right... where is all this going to be a few days/weeks/months from now?! who knows...

KJ; dude! i did! kela small jumps, leading up to the big one! then i looked down and thought, screw it... and climbed the ladder and now im at a huge huge jump :p and now im holding my breath and about to go for it!

rosh; courage is good, but i dont like sensibility. it makes for boring people :p thank you though :)

Ria said...

sometimes, thinking that it might just work, is the source of the fear...