13 May 2008

Go Kill Yourselves.

Seriously you Batelco guys, go take that telecommunications license you have and burn it, or stuff it up your ass. You guys are a bunch of useless pricks.

Picture this, a week ago, my internet connection suddenly stops working. Fair enough, Batelco have a knack for doing this anyway. But it turns out that it's not just my connection, my actual telephone line is disconnected. Hmm.. There's no dial tone when I pick up the phone, and even when I dial my number from another phone, it gives me a disconnected message.


I called them, and they had no idea what was up, but they said they would investigate. A day later, still nothing so I call them up. No idea, but they said they would investigate. I called them the third day again, and they said, ok, we have a few blown fuses (or something) and we need to replace them.

Great, took you 3 days to figure that out.

Next day, still no dial tone, so I called them up, and they say they're "working on it".

Two more days of calling up and complaining to which I finally got a dial tone! Yupee!!! Took 5 days, but the case is over, right?


Someway, somehow, they managed to give me a totally different number :S

That means, when I call anywhere from my phone, I get a totally different number than my original one, it's not even from the same area code. And no, the internet still doesn't work.

It's been another 3 days and i'm calling EVERY FRICKIN' DAY and they still have no idea how to fix it... What the hell am I supposed to do? I'm stuck with a million tasks to do and no internet...

Frickin Batelco. Go kill yourselves.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is good luck. Once again, very similar to Canada... it took Bell Canada 4 weeks to NOT install the internet as requested AND bill us for it.

Took us another 2 months to get our money back. Hate them.

moon-light7 said...

"Go kill yourselves"

I second that!

LiB Team said...

wow Batelco are actually managing to get from bad to being the worst. Good job our "National" company, I will support zain with all I can.

And amen to them shoving their licenses down where the sun don't shine.

KJ said...

Ma biseer you get assigned a phone number with a different area code - it means their circuit switches are messed up. Ma biseer!

Anonymous said...

LOL that is really funny :P and I thought only STC sucked, but apparently all telecommunications companies around the world suck too. Anyway, good luck with getting everything fixed up, I hope.

rosh said...

damn? Hopefully shall be well soon enough - chillax :)

Abid said...


Rogers is no better. :-(