20 October 2007

What's up Croc?

A few years ago, there was news of a number of people 'smuggling' animals into Bahrain illegaly. These included baby crocodiles, turtles, among other exotic animals, brought into the country to make a quick buck.

Now, back when these animals were all cute and young, there wasn't a problem; forward a few years later to today, and some of them have grown up and aren't as cute any more. And it seems their owners aren't as happy to keep them as pets when they're all big and ferocious, so they decide to throw them out to the nearest possible swamp/river/sea:

AN environment group has pledged to investigate reports that a crocodile could be swimming around Tubli Bay.

The Environment Friends Society (EFS) will send officials to the scene after a Bahraini women and her Filipina housemaid claimed to have spotted the reptile lurking near the shoreline. EFS president Khawla Al Muhannadi said she was not surprised by the report and said there had been several sightings across the country in recent years.

She told the GDN many endangered species such as crocodiles, turtles, birds and exotic animals were brought into Bahrain from Asian countries as pets. However, she said they are often abandoned when they outgrow their surroundings.

The mother-of-two who spotted the crocodile says she saw the creature as she looked out of her bedroom window, which overlooks the bay, with her domestic helper on Saturday morning.

But, isn't that an area full of houses? Where the little kids play on the shore all the time?

Be prepared for some bad news very soon.


palo-girl said...

how stupid can people get?
and selfish..


Anonymous said...

Only good thing to know is that those animals managed to live and grow in Bahrain.

Stupid people are careless and selfish as what Palo said.

Qatar Cat said...

Neat, what kind of an idiot would bring a croc and then dump the beast where people live???

N. said...

Very selfish people. Who should at least care about the animals and people!

'GreY' said...

Whats next ? Phiranna Fish ?

moon-light7 said...

That's bad news already :$

Sunshine said...

we need a crocdile dundee... how about we name him.. crocdile tublee?

Anonymous said...

funny you should mention piranhas 'grey', there are people who own piranhas in Bahrain, but don't worry, they've spent so much money on getting them here they won't throw them away even after they're dead =P
i doubt any children play by the Tubli beach, i mean come on, it's like playing in a pile of your own crap!

KJ said...

It is not only dangerous man... they will eventually breed and can go out of control if the authorities don't do anything about them

Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

""Anonymous""doubt any children play by the Tubli beach, i mean come on, it's like playing in a pile of your own crap!
I will like to remeber that many kids in Bahrain CANT aford to go to the Ritz where the beach is clean and nice :) or to the new wather Park ...Maybe you can watch Piranas in your own tank, but many kids can be happy having a small fish in ther glasses.. like mine :) ,, is very very sad amaro Inshallah we will not hear any bad news my friend

ammaro.com said...

palo; yes, no one thinks about the results of their actions, as long as they enjoy it for now

cece; thats NOT good to know :p why is good to know? :p

qatar; i dont know, but we seem to have a number of those idiots

n; the animals can take care of themselves! lots of children around for food! its the people we should be worried about

grey; perhaps! i know a few people who have them, but i dont think they can survive sea (salt) water

moonlight; and bound to get worse!

sunshine; wayd wayd 5afeefa elyom

anon; dont over estimate bahraini kids! and yes, they might actually enjoy wading in the crap. not many other options out there

kj; ooh. i didnt even think of them breeding. ok, thats freaky

dynamite; i hope not! lets hope something is done about it

Anonymous said...

this is the way a blog should be! thanks!