7 October 2007

Finally got it!

Yes! I finally figured out how to get through the Ramadan traffic!

Check this out:
If I take the route in BLUE (mostly main roads and highways), it takes me ONE HOUR AND 20 MINUTES to get from work till home

If I take the route in RED (mostly driving in neighbourhoods and small roads), it takes TWENTY FIVE MINUTES ONLY!

Seems so simple huh? Thing is, Ramadan is almost over! Next week, i'm going to have to figure out a new route to bypass the regular day traffic!


Anonymous said...

Wow thats a long drive, looks more than 25. jad?

taqo said...

Mabrook, I guess! :p

eshda3wa said...

traffic is awful!

bs yallah u saved urself a precious hour!

'GreY said...

I tried similar adventure .. i told my wife about the short cut the previous night , i told her 'probably no one else knows , it will be quick getaway' [as if we hit the treasure island]. The next morning i was in a bigger traffic jam than the usual road ... it was terrible... everyone else was there i guess !

ammaro.com said...

blue; thats hardly a long drive! if i drive at night when theres no traffic i can easily get through in 6 or 7 minutes! bahrain isnt the biggest country in the world, by the way :p

taqo; thank you, im very proud of myself.

eshda3wa; yeah, can you believe it?! just changing a little bit saved me a WHOLE HOUR!

grey; it took me three weeks during ramadan to figure out "the right way", you think you can figure out the right way overnight?

ammoontie said...

One of my colleague is so good with finding an alternate routes, that I think he knows every part of Bahrain..! But it is nice to go through the neighbourhood roads.
Anyway you dont have to worry about next Ramadhan's traffic jam..Insyaallah.

Canc3riaN said...

Ammaro can I send you a map of where I live and where my univesity is???


Hate traffffffic... !!

N. said...

Woow Allah e3enek! I found a route to work, that bypasses all traffic lights except one. Sadly, it is the slowest route lol!

Anonymous said...

err congrats on your new finding.

you saved yourself unnecessary 110 minutes of driving every day :D

Shionge said...

What a great difference between blue & red ;) I'll go for red too and catch up on beauty sleep kekekek...

Hey let us know when there's a new colour route ya, take care :D

Desert Bloom said...

just do what i do
get a driver o worry about the traffic and sleep in the back seat :P

the drives changes from 1 hour and 25 min to 10 or 5 min :P LOL

this is why when my dad asked if i wanted to drive i said NO WAY! and younger sis was min 9ijich? ana lazim i drive 9ij mat3arfeen and laughs....

whos laughing now? MUWAHAHAHAHA :P

Redbelt said...

if you need a formula:

Decrease the number of
traffic signs
(in that order)

Increase the number of lanes

And you have a better rout.

For example, a road that goes through 3 roundabouts and 11 traffic signs an a long 2 lane road is slower than a road with 5 round abouts and three traffic signals and 4 lane roads.

Anonymous said...

hahaha nice one! better late than never. does the shorter route at any point go safari? 1h20minutes.. you almost make me wanna fundraise for a helicopter for you. do you have a big enough of a roof for a landing spot?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

ahhhh sorry the previous comment I wrote was NOT in english. so what are you going to spend that extra hour on, now that you've just saved it? will you equally divide it into the bills time, savings time and current expenses time? ;) cause if you can do that too, that would be nice. I'm constantly in need of time management skills. maybe you should post a post about that too!

Nora Cassandra said...

WOW!! That is huge difference!

KJ said...

Good for you - use it extensively in Eid Traffic

Adel said...

Traffic in Manama is terrable, it takes more time to reach Seef or Dip Area if you live in Manama than if you live in Riffa or even further, a peice of advice to everybody don't buy a land or house in Manama.

For your information Google Earth has been updated for some parts of Bahrain.

ammaro.com said...

amoontie; yup! have it all planned out for next year!

canc3rian; sure! my services can be charged directly to your credit card...

n; there never is a win-win situation with this kinda thing

pinkish; its ridiculous what using a different road can do, isnt it?

shionge; lol, you and your colors :p

desert; mmm.. driver.. good idea...

redbelt; how about, sell car, buy helicopter?

so be it; ill arrange one if you pay for my helicopter!

nora; yes! ridiculously huge!

kj; unfortunately, the routes will change in eid! i have to find a new "best way" to get around

adel; were turning into another cairo!