21 October 2007

Boiling Pot

If you haven't yet noticed, projects in the region are booming. Thriving, in fact. Whether it's the colossal number of developments in Dubai, those blowing up in the rest of the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain or the rest of the GCC, the area is witnessing a surreal growth stage. Estimates put the value of developments in the GCC at over the $1 trillion.

What's a trillion? Imagine a million dollars? Now imagine a million of that. That's a trillion (for those who don't know).

Besides the ridiculous amount of development in real estate, theme parks, hotels and so on, there's a huge surge in the financial markets. The currency and equity markets are doing unbelievably well, right now, with investors from all over putting their money into what was a comparatively dead sector a decade ago. Oil prices hit $90 last week. Land prices are boiling. Stock markets are swelling up. Developments are on the rise.

Yup, the GCC never had it so good. 6 countries, growing like never before. Stuck right in the middle of what could be the most volatile region in the world at the moment.

Tehran today announced, no, Tehran warned that it would fire 11,000 rockets at enemy bases within a minute if the US launched military action against them. The nuclear stand-off between the US and Iran is reaching a critical stage. Besides that, the situation in the Iraq pot is bubbling, on the verge of boiling. Israeli airstrike against Syria last month. Political riots and bombings in Pakistan with the whole Bhutto/Musharraf ordeal. The list goes on.

Where does that leave us? Who knows. All it takes is the situation in one country to get too big to handle, and you can sure as hell bet that the pressure will reverberate to the surrounding area, one Domino piece toppling after another.

So how well protected are we against the shockwave that's about to hit soon? Are we protected at all, actually? The outlook doesn't look too good from where i'm sitting.


Anonymous said...

May god be with us.

Anonymous said...

I read in the GDN a few weeks back that insurance companies are selling some kind of incase-of-war or other disasters insurance. It may be a good time to check into that and see what they have to offer if you have investments in real estate here. Could save you from losing your shirt!

I couldn't agree more that this situation with Iran is getting rather scarey! I mean they are only 100 miles away and with the US base here in Bahrain will make this place a target!

Let's hope it doesn't escalate any further.

Anonymous said...

Oh GOD whats happening with us! I was shocked to read about Iran today morning...

Ria said...

and France said what others tried to deny or hide, be ready for war. real scary.

N. said...

Allah ekon fel3oun.

Would it be paranoid to start thinking/planning/building a nuke shelter/bunker?

Merlin said...

You are missing the point. There is more liquidity in the region than ever before. Yes the economy is growing rapidly and projects are being announced left, right and centre.

Eventually it will all end, but not too soon, given the recent hike in oil prices to US$90+ per barrel.

However, THE POINT, is everyone should try and get a slice of this boom before it does end (regardless of the cause, war or otherwise). If you cant make money in this environment, then you can never make money. Even the amateurs cant screw this one up.

ammaro.com said...

blue; scary, isnt it?

anon; can you blame them? and yes, its just a few miles away, can you say, kaboom?

amu; shocked? really? i got used to their comments :p

ria; yeah. theres no point in denying it, its gonna happen whether we like it or not, both sides are hard-headed

n; nope! gimme a call when its done and ready, and send a location map please

merlin; what point? the point is that war is eminent. the part of being able to make money in this situation where everything is booming depends on whether or not you can take the initiative. and no, not everyone can make it in such a situation, but its definately a lot easier than it was 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Now it would be interesting to see all those high-rise buildings reduced to rubble in Juffair should Iran hit the US Base there.

War is not good, but for someone like me who has nothing to lose, it might be a new opportunity once the war is over, if I stay alive, that is. But the people who made easy money would disappear, it will only be a new life for my likes, and the ones who really are talented with making money.

Any estimates on when the first rocket will be fired by either side?