22 October 2007


So what's the point of this whole life thing? I mean, i've been contemplating it; no, not contemplating, seriously doing some deep thinking. Is it all about going to work everyday and slaving your life away in order to make a bit of money, then spending that money on whatever time you have left of your day to eat, buy a car (to mostly drive to and from work every day), and then buy a house? How does that fulfil anything, really. I mean, in the end, everyone is doing the same thing, but what's the really deep meaning of it all? Life's a bit bland that way, don't you think?

So is it about enjoying life? Lets say you're out in a club every night, enjoying yourself, chilling out on the beach every afternoon, buying the cars you love, clothes you want, eating the best foods, whatever it is. Just enjoying your life all over. How does that really make a difference? I mean, isn't life somehow empty? Is it just about enjoying the journey until the day you die?

Or maybe it's about religion? Living through life to be the best person you can according to your religion, and doing all to prove your alleigance/loyalty/belief for your god/gods, whoever they are, and end up in whatever heaven you're meant to end up in? But then, what if you're following the wrong religion? I mean, there are hundreds of religions around the world; they can't ALL be right? What if you spend your whole life worshipping what ends up to be the wrong god?

Is it about making yourself rich? Ok great, so you collected a bit of money, and managed to splurge out on the finer things in life. How is that doing anything for anyone but your selfish self? Even if you gave out some money, there's still something missing there.

Think about it. If you died right now, would you be happy with how you lived your life, and what you achieved? Maybe life, and this is what I think, is about achieving something. If you had to die right now, what have you achieved? If it's getting A's in class, then you haven't done much; you've essentially done something only you are going to remember a year from now. If it's doing amazingly well at your job, you still haven't done anything; you've benefited a company/organization where your achievments will prbably be overlooked next quarter. Provide for your family? So what, any working person could/should be able to provide for his/her family.

No, i'm talking big things. Think of The Beatles. Four guys, made music, and changed the world; their music affected so many people in so many different ways. Their music made some people happy, their music helped some people through hard times, and their music made a number of producers pretty rich, too. They definately made a change.

I saw a documentary about Ghandi the other day. Now that dude did things. If he wasn't around, things would be a LOT different today, and I mean for the world, not just the immediate people around him, his town or even his country. Anyone wonder if that dude is self-fulfilled? Hell yeah, that guy changed the world.

Not only him, I mean, even take a look at those guys who made Google. A completely different example, but thing is, they changed the whole bloody world, for the better, and became billionaires in the process. Now that's definately self-fulfilled!

Just think, what kind of difference have you made? Do you want to be somebody? Somebody that made a change to this world? If you never existed, would the world still be the same?

I leave you with this song. It's fun. I wonder if the singer is self-fulfilled. He changed my life, and I feel happy; well, for today anyhow.


i*maginate said...

Wow...midlife crisis?!

On another note you should read up about Jinnah:

Without Jinnah there might never have been a Pakistan. The sub-continent would have been subjected to the horrific consequences of 90m Muslims being forced into a unitary state dominated by 225m Hindus. However unfortunate some parts of Pakistan’s history has been – with three leaders shot, hanged and blown up – it cannot have been anything like as bad as the civil war which would undoubtedly have resulted had Jinnah not won partition."

A.K said...

You changing the world?! That's a big idea but change never starts from the other person. The change always starts from you. When you change then only can you bring about a change in other people. Then only can you change the world.
But today this is the main problem. The identity crisis. People don't really know who they really are. Nor do they have time to think about the basic questions: Who they are? Where they are heading to? What's the purpose of their existence? I'm sorry but I donot agree with your point about religion. I think Religion gives you the answers to everything.I think Religion plays a vital role in anyone's life. And I think in the long run people change, their thinking change and they influence others in a good way because of just their faith(Imaan). It does miraculous wonders.
And I don't mind when people call me fundamentalist!lol.

Anonymous said...

Well, what you've wrote above here was really amazing!! its really important to make a big change in others life, and much better to make a change that lasts forever. Its not easy to compare Ghandi's life and those great people who made big things to this whole humanity to our life today. Simply, because people nowdays do not try to make such things, they do not think about changing something to a better way.They just think about the things you've mentioned over here, everyone wants to get a job, get his money, get his own car, stay in a nice place, to be surrounded with people he loves, and what else?! But you know that human does not get enough, this is a fact, he doesnt think to make the change you're talking about because he's busy with big things for him (selfish), he has a car, ok he needs a better car, he has his own house so he yearns to get a bigger and luxury one.. anything to splurge his money, life and soul. its really frustrating when you think that people specially in our lovely-bahrain country think this way. I think its an awesome reason to be ashamed !!

Anonymous said...

I'm in a big plan to make a difference.

It will take a lot of time and I'm working on it :)

Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

((((((((((Amaro)))))))) are you Okay friend?... life is not easy, and yes many times is hard to have every thing in life, and belive me when you have many you still want more :( ... you never feel full of any thing ... remeber what you write on my blog the other day? about moving to florida. beach and disney? well im not happy about it .. I like here and i wish to be here always :( ... wish you happy week friend ... cherry up

i*maginate said...

You been tagged, homeboy! :)

Check out the princess blog ;)

Anonymous said...

Well yes we do these things but what counts iiss how your growing from the inside!
These everyday day events, challenges and tests… its how you react how you direct your mood its amazing I cant seem to find the right words… I mean even when I cry I end up smiling because I know that my body wants to cry not me! These moods are forced on us from life we are supposed to be aware of that and understand it fully so we react in such a manner that will give you that sense of meaning, am I getting through?!.... Hay well I’m not sure I hope…

As for making a difference I know ALLAH put me on this earth for a reason and I’m sure
I’m already on it. Sometimes you disregard the little things you do as nothing, but these little things , good deeds that you try doing everyday could be enough just keep that positive attitude and live life as an adventure.

So let the worry pass and don’t ….. get all caught up with it…. Nothing to worry about... you are fine!

Nice songggg!

KJ said...

I was having this very conversation two days ago with a dear friend of mine. We have become just empty shells and vessels who do robotic things every day. We are planning together inshalla to try to find ourselves and our souls and see what we will contribute to the greater community

Unknown said...

If I died right now I'd be happy, I'm fasting! :)

Ammaro said...

imaginate; well, sort of! and considering this is my 'midlife' and im in my twenties, that would mean i'll probably be dead by 50. hmm, doesnt give me much time to fulfil what i want to!

ak; well, the size of the change isn't always the same for everyone, it depends on what you want to achieve, what you feel you can achieve. some people would be more than happy making a big change in a small local community, others to the world. varies from person to person. i have big aspirations, so it kind of sucks having big dreams to live up to. and about the religion thing, im not saying its not important. all the above things were important and should be part of life, but i just dont feel that theyre the specific essence of life alone.

icon; the meaning for what people want has changed. i dont want to turn around when im 50 or 60 and think, yeah, ive made it, got the house, the cars, etc etc, but I still feel like i havent achieved much, life is empty. you know? time to do something that means something.

joel; i wish you the best! let me know if you need any support, moral or otherwise (not financial) :p

dynamite; yes, im ok! im just thinking a lot these days

imaginate; fo sheezy ma neezy!

blue; growing inside? are you saying im fat? thanks for the comment. im not worried, i just feel i have so much i want to achieve, and i really need to start doing something about it. and yes, the song is fun la?!

kj; thats great. take the initiative. do something big.

n; you mean if you "ate" right now :p

Anonymous said...

LOL! are you mocking me ? i mean spirtual wise! ;p

Ammaro said...

maybe a little :)

A.K said...

even the biggest of changes start from one single steps. You cannot jump from basement to the roof... you need to climb stairs to get there or the elevator or whatever.

Ammaro said...

ok, ill take the elevator :p

A.K said...


Anonymous said...

You need to read "The Rocking Horse Winner" by D.H. Lawrence!

Aisha said...

great post..
i think about this a lot.
one of my biggest fears since I was 11, is to live and die without having made a difference.

the plan at the moment is to join a humanitarian organization.. i hope that works out

and i dont think you should discard religion so easily... as self-fulfilled as Ghandi might have been, you think he could've felt very good about himself when he knelt before a cow?

but i see your point.
there's different ways to look at this though.