23 October 2007

5 reasons I wish I was 6

Thanks (or no thanks) to i*maginate for giving me some homework. I'm not one for this tagging thing but this topic actually seems pretty interesting, so let's see (the original tag was 5 reasons I wish I was 3, but I think 6 years old is a lot more fun, so I took the liberty of changing that) :

1) It was 1987, and Transformers, G I Joe, etc were on TV ALL the time. Not forgetting other classic cartoons like as Adnan wa Lina, Sansheiro, Speed Racer, The Smurfs, Thundercats, Sindbad, etc...

2) You felt absurdly rich if you had 500 fils in your pocket (equivalent of about US$1.5)

3) There was more than one super-power in the world (remember USSR?) and the power balance wasn't in the hand of one country (not that it occupied my mind much when I was 6. All I wanted was another bar of Ulker chocolate, another pack of Sun Top juice, and a few hours infront of the TV watching Sesame Street)

4) Atari video games (the black console with the jostick with a red button) packed a helluva lot more fun than the PS3's and the Nintendo Wii's of today do (although the graphics looked like crap and each pixel was the size of a sugar cube)

5) And even back in the day, I was still gangsta!


If this stuff brings back fond memories, go to the top of the page and click 80's & 90's for a lot more memories of back in the day!

Anyway; i've actually been tagged before by June and Mrs Dynamite, and it was a while back but somehow I got pretty busy and never got it done, so since i'm on the subject, here we go! Favorite smells:

1) Burning leaves in a big field out in the open (ie, in a مزرعة). Just a smell I used to remember from when I was a kid and we used to go to a swimming pool or a big field, back in the days when Bahrain was green all over.

2) Cinabbon. I just can't resist it.

3) CK one. It's been out for over 10 years, but hands down this is still the best perfume EVAR.

4) The smell of a garden on a cold humid morning. Pretty.

5) And here's something different for you. I do NOT like the smell of fish in Geant hypermarket (the fresh fish section).

So there you go!


'grey' said...

lol ! nice post ! and cool lookin gangsta ! Where was captain Majid ? was it in the early 90's ?

Ayman said...

Aah Atari and the Commodore 64! I used to have a great simulator for C-64 and played many of my fav. old games on it. I'll see if I can get that back.

Princess said...

i studied abt the different world powers in history class, but was too young to actually remember them hehe, and also ma7ad iy7ib ree7at il fresh fish i hope...yu5

and also i loved all those cartoons!! except for G I Joe, and Transformers..yu5 again

N. said...

kalam 7elow. I was as old as you that same year, wow. I pretty much can identify with what you said, except being gangsta part. It was all about MJ back then hahah!

icon said...

emm, hehe it's funny. all of the reasons are cool. specially when you also used to do the same when you were a kid. I just felt like it would be the best thing to do when I return to that age. to see my innocence. :P
I like all those smells, specially number one and four.

Sunshine said...

5 baas?? i can list 10.. at least.. ohh to lead a carefree life, with nothing on my mind but the newest edition of barbie dolls *sigh*

ps/u were 6 in 1987?? i was born that year haha..

Oreo Madness said...

mn shway i was just watching transformers (the movie) OO marra eshtaheat ashoof the cartoon :(
miss those days.

and oooh you forgot to add grandaizer!! :D

ammaro.com said...

grey; captain majed is also there! too many cartoons to list in one post... check out the 80s 90s section

ayman; get it back from... where exactly?!

princess; transformers and G I joe ruled! but youre a girl. bluuuuh

n; if you were the same age as me that year... then... that would make you the same age as me, now. duh. and yeah, MJ ruled! thrillleeeerrrrr!

icon; yeah, i didnt mention that! we were all so dumb and innocent! beautiful

sunshine; i can list 20! or more! but if i start i wont stop so i stuck to 5

oreo; grandizer is also there! check the 80's 90's section!

Woozie said...

Whoa whoa whoa, for your information Half-Life 2, as well as the subsequent Episodes 1 and 2, are like crack.

Buy The Orange Box, available on PC and Xbox 360!

BuKhalifa said...

Those were the days of Pepsi in round (grande like bottels)Suntop, sega mega drive, A2D4 & that talking Carrot in(public school's English books) Aramco 3 & channel 33(showtime of that time ;) ill add Go Bots which are like transformers www.toyarchive.com/Gobots/Go-Bots.html , il rajel il 7adidee & other 7azara Stuff ;)

Shionge said...

Thanks for that and yep I hate those fishy smell too :D

You looked cool there when you were young!

KJ said...

hala ya hala bi senshero el batal el moghwar

ta3alo ta3alo noshahedoho hayya ya sighar

SwaRwaR said...

u were so coooool mashalla :P okay yoo gangsta :P

Amu said...

Atariiiiiiiiiiii I miss it, I was crazy about it....

ammaro.com said...

woozie; no thanks. pengu. look it up.

bukhalifa; haha yeah, those were the days! thanks for the link

shionge; i still look cool :p

kj; i assume you used to watch the show, then

sarwar; yeah, dont mess wit me!

amu; we all were... 3 million games in one. half of them were the same game just in different colors, haha

Seroo said...

Who does like the smell of fish in Geant?

ammaro.com said...

theres got to be one or two wierdos out there seroo

manutdfanatic said...

Fish? Don't get me started on the vegetable/meat section in one of the local supermarkets here...!

Dynamic Deeds said...

awwwwwwwwww such a cuuute tag and post!

Lool at point number 5!!!!!
I do agree with point number 3, CK ONE ROCKS!

Dynamic Deeds said...

BTW. the baby you looked cute ekeke!!

nice hand gesture =P
awaneh emno gadek!

i*maginate said...

Wow you got an amazing, up-to-speed following on here! Shame on me for being so late.

"Top marks" though ;)

Hey you know what...#4 is a f* fantabulous pic....Atari omg! If only mr bro would have let me have a change playing it....damn that tablecloth looks SOOO uebermodern for that era. Love the whole thing!

Mr. 5# looks extremely cute too.

The adaptation of the post title: only acceptable when attempted by Mr. Ammaro himself.

Semaj said...

I really need to get back into Thundercats, I never gave it a chance because it felt like a knockoff of He-man.

I recently watched an episode of the Smurfs, (the purple fly one)

Redbelt said...

I have all Sanshiro episodes on DVD (Japanese with English fan sub) even the episodes that were not dubbed in Arabic (the Arabic series was not complete)
Sanshiro influenced me alot, it got me into drawing, took cartooning courses and studies Art in Scotland because of it. Loved Anime and started a business for it and planted a love of gadgets in me.
Powerful stuff!

Lulwa said...

This has got to be the best post ever, totally reminded me of my childhood... Grandizer was my favorite cartoon! And adnan wa linaaaa!
And you had to go mention Cinabbon... I'm craving it badly, now where am I supposed to go find one here... Hmm...