17 April 2008

MP's; Our job too demanding.

(The following conversation ensued between Member of Parliament 1 and Member of Parliament 2 two nights ago)

MP1's phone: RING RING!

MP2: Hello?

MP1: Hey man, how you doin'?

MP2: I'm okay, how's everything? Are you going to the session today?

MP1: Nah, I don't think so. I'm flying out to Dubai for a long weekend, need to release some steam from all this stressful work we've been doing. Lie down on the beach and sunbathe maybe.

MP2: True, these arguments are getting to my head and really wearing me out. I really need to take a break too; we never get enough time off this job.

MP1: It's demanding being a PM! Having to go to a session once every week and talk about things? It just drains me out. And we never get enough time off! I mean, a few months off in the summer? Is that it?

MP2: You're right, I think i'm going to take a long weekend too. I'm checking Gulfair.com for good deals on the free laptop we got for being MP's. Oh wait, I forgot I don't know how to use a kombeyootar. Maybe i'll just call my travel agent.

MP1: Aha, so you won't go to the session either? There's a very long list of issues that need to be discussed dude! The people need us! Why don't you fill in for me?

MP2: No, no. We don't need to go. We'll discuss them in the next session. We're not paid enough to go for extra sessions; did you know they're not paying us any overtime?

MP1: No way~! Then screw it, you shouldn't bother going then. No respect either, they totally overlooked your suggestion for banning women from working last time.

MP2: Yeah! And they totally overlooked your making computers illegal suggestion! All that porn is out there, astaghfurullah.

MP1: Never mind, anyway, I have to go! Gotta be at the airport in about an hour, see you next week at the session if you feel like going!

MP2: You too, enjoy those hot beach babes in Dubai!!


Parliament session hit by no-shows
17 April 2008

MANAMA: An extraordinary parliamentary session called to help clear a huge backlog was cancelled yesterday because too few MPs turned up. Twenty-one out of 40 MPs were absent, including chairman Khalifa Al Dhahrani, who called in saying he was busy with other works.

First vice-chairman Ghanim Al Buainain, who took over for Mr Al Dhahrani, waited an hour, in the hope of two more MPs appearing, to make up the required quorum.

But they did not show up in time so he had to cancel the session and send away the 19 MPs who did turn up.

Two more MPs arrived shortly after Mr Al Buainain cancelled the session.

The session was scheduled by Mr Al Dhahrani to try to clear a backlog of more than 100 items caused by repeated disruptions by MPs.

Parliament resumed its normal weekly sessions last week, after six sessions were halted and one cancelled in seven weeks, as a result of the escalating row between MPs on the questioning of Cabinet Affairs Minister Shaikh Ahmed bin Ateyatala Al Khalifa.

Parliament public utilities and environment affairs committee chairman Jawad Fairooz said the absence of so many MPs was inexcusable.

"It is true that some are sick, but the others are either on personal trips or are attending to private business, while their job is to show up in parliament," he said.

"Mr Al Dhahrani should set an example, by showing up, even if he was busy. He could have attended for a while and then left.


Abid said...

At least your MPs are elected.

Here in Canada, we have Senators, who paid for by taxpayer money (obviously) and who take 360 days of vacation per year to Carribean destinations.

The Senate is supposed to be a check for the House of Commons (which is elected), but in reality it serves aboslutely no purpose.

Moreover, once you get appointed to the Senate, you are there until you turn 75 or you resign (obviously one resigns)...

Anonymous said...

I'm backing up Abid for this one on Canadian MPs... I work by Parliament Hill and oh boy, sometimes I wish Ottawa wasn't that much in politics.

Great introduction to the article, very funny though!

Sunshine said...

think of it this way, if they did all show up it would have either ended in a useless resolutions or a fist fight..
so that's good news.. theyr being proactive..

beaverboosh said...

Dude, it is universal. Unless there is a big vote and the whips are out!

Grey said...

LMAO on the conversation man ! nice !

Coolred38 said...

Just wait...eventually those MP's will be sending their housemaids to attend the sessions for them...why not...housemaids are forced to do everything else?

Redbelt said...

Thats f***ed up. Seriously.
Lets see us re-elect them again.
I strongly believe most Bahrainis are sheep and will be herded to re-elect them again.

eshda3wa said...

akhaf fee an MP virus going around

lana mashala 3ndina oo 3ndkom khair

falantan said...

inshalla Allah makes this next majles a good one. we can be hopeful :)