16 April 2008

Xbox? Ps3? Wii?

Back in the early 1990's (wow, I feel so old), ammaro used to be a hardcore video-gamer. Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis), Game Gear, Nintendo Super NES and so on. He sort of got over them a while later though, and stopped playing video games for good.

Now, back in 2008, ammaro decides he has a bit of extra spare time, and figures some gaming would be good for him. Now he's stuck between buying an Xbox, a PS3, or maybe even a Nintendo Wii. Or maybe something else, he's not sure really. Just something to pass a bit of time. What do you think? Vote on the poll on the right please!

I'm totally lost in terms of what these new generation consoles offer, and any tips would be helpful, thanks :)

Poll is closed guys, thanks for the feedback. Votes came back as:
45% Xbox (20 votes)
36% PS3 (16 votes)
16% Wii (7 votes)
2% Something Else (1 vote)


Muizz said...

tara ilwii fan when you get it, bas after a while it gets shwai boring.. we have one here, and we used to play it everyday when we first got it, a7een we play once every 2 weeks.. the graphics suck in comparison to other 2 as well.. chethi xbox or ps3, bas xbox has more games out now so more choice.. and make sure to have it by the time i get back 3alashan i have something to do itha im bored

BuZain said...

join us on Krazy Kamel Forum and get to know more about the consoles. I for one have both the Wii and PS3. I play Wii games with my kids and the family. It's great in this regard. However, if you are looking for hardcore, graphics intensive, and online gaming, then PS3 or XBox are better choices.

nibaq said...

We have a Xbox 360 and Wii.

Xbox is great for online gaming, it is just built better for it since you pay an extra fee for Xbox Live membership. Most of the time I on Xbox playing with my friends. (Most of these games are FPS)

The Wii is more every now and then. It is a great device, you can surf web, read news etc. A real companion in the living room for even watching YouTube. Games for it are more friendly and group activities.

PS3 is gaining steam. Online play is slowly getting there and so is the games list. Also it is the most advanced technology in terms of graphic and processor and dont forget it has BluRay support it.

KJ said...

I got the X360 and I am loving it. You will spend millions of years on the live arcade alone even if you never buy a game.

Until now, X360 has the upper hand in terms of gaming. The Wii is too kiddish for you now and the PS3 has lots of catching up to do, but nevertheless it has superb potential.

If I were you, get X360, Gears of War, two controllers and enjoy it co-op with a friend and it will be your numero uno game for a long, long while

ammaro said...

thanks for the input guys... ah screw it i think ill just get the xbox... seems to be the best option for now, PS3 hasnt picked up yet although it has a lot more potential... and the wii, well.. im too lazy for a wii :p

Redbelt said...

As BuZain said, join us at Krazy Kamel.
In Short:
XBOX360: If you like Online Games and First Person Shooters.
PS3: If you like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy or Gran Turismo.
Wii: If you love Nintendo's offerings: Mario Galaxy, Zeldas, Metroids, Smash Bros, Mario Kart.

They Wii is happy being either the main or companion console. The Xbox and PS3 will be fighting head to head. Most people will either have one or the other.

With a PS3 though, you can immediatly play BluRay DVDs and get the full 1080P treatment. All you need after is a solid Plasma. The Xbox can't get you that.

Seroo said...

Mr. Seroo is a gamer and owns all three - the PS3 remains his most prized possession. If you're really into gaming and want to enjoy being infront of your TV screen completely engrossed every single day, then that's the one to get (or so it seems).

Eyad said...

Ammar, take it form an addicted Gamer, XBOX360 or bust, its the best at the moment.

if you want more info, join www.krazykamel.net

boy_z3 said...

if you decide to get XBOX 360, then go for elite!

Shale bin Agnon said...

Pc games make you feel less incompetent and old, because you already know how to use a keyboard.

Anonymous said...

The xbox controller blows. Go Sony.

Oreo Madness said...


Emad said...

The last console i had was the Sega Mega Drive (i was 15 maybe) and i used to love a game called "sonic"..
Reading about Xbox and PS3, im thinking seriuosly now of getting an Xbox,, i guess it would be nice to see how the new technology has changed video games.