8 April 2008

Bahrain F1 Race Day (and more on Finding George Lucas!)

Wow, what a weekend that was! Race day saw the biggest gathering of people yet at the Bahrain International Circuit, with a crowd of almost 43,000. I'll let the photos do most of the talking (click each one for large size):

A bunch of interesting characters around:

Some cool dance, music and art performances:

Flag displays with the national anthem a little before the race:

And the seats start filling up a few minutes before the race, as the cars start lining up as a plane flies above the circuit, then they're off!

And the crowds after the race is over; this is what 43,000 people look like all at once :p

Overall, a good race as Massa took the lead, a great day with everybody having lots of fun, and I managed to top it off with an after party hosted by Akon, then an after-after party hanging out with Akon, his crew and a bunch of DJ's. Got back home at 6:00am. Beautiful; feels like i'm 17 again! :D

If you read my previous post on George Lucas, you probably know I got a little disappointed not managing to see him :( But guess what, going through my photos today, I realize I did!

Take a look at the crowd taking a stroll through the pit-lane in the top right?

And zooming in, guess who??

Dammit! I was THIS close to him and didn't even realize! Oh well, maybe i'll catch him next year! :)


Shionge said...

Wonderful photo sharing Ammar and I love the vibrancy that is going on out there :D

KJ said...

Man those are awesome shots! The girls in red are awesome hahaha ;)

7aram you didn't see Lucas... I wanted you to take him out :P

icon said...

aaaaaaaah.. you missed him!!
you'll have to wait again

Redbelt said...

I didn't see you there!
BTW, who is this Lucas guy you are talking about?

Zhu said...

Looked like there were a lot of people! Funny you can see all styles here, Western clothes, some more "middle eastern" etc.

Love the shots of the cars... I can just imagine the speed!

Anonymous said...

Is it over?

Semaj said...

Great find on Lucas. The man is speed-racing freak.

C'est la vie!! said...

how in the world could u find him in the middle of all that people?? Impressive...did u doctor up this pic??!?!?!?

asoom said...

hey my aunt and cousins went to this!