19 December 2007

Hi, this just to remind you we're still friends..

It's funny, this whole SMS message thing. Sure, it gets us closer in touch with everyone else no matter where we are; but in reality aren't we actually getting further apart, having an excuse not to see people physically since we can message them at any time?

Today is the first day of Eid, a day of celebration for the muslim world. The regular (old) routine for Eid was to go out from house to house, visiting family and friends, spending time together, having lunch, and so on. Over the years, contact between these family and friends breaks down, and to show that they haven't forgotten about you, you get a 'msg' every now and then, wishing you the best for so and so.

Today is one of those days; i've recieved close to 100 msgs on my phone, some from people I see regularly, and others are from people I haven't heard from since, well, their last SMS the past Eid. I have to admit, i'm guilty of this myself, as i've used today to send messages out to everyone I know just to reaffirm that "I still remember you, and if I ever do call you when I need something, it won't feel too awkward since i'm in touch with you".

I wish I didn't have so many friends; this month my phone bill will probably be double the average just because of the number of messages I send out. Hmm..

On another note, did anyone catch Zainab Askari singing a song for our King? When she first started acting about 10 years ago she was a medicore actor, and recently she attempted directing (which turned out rubbish). Today I heard her actually attempt to sing, and i'm not really sure if the discomfort I felt was my feeling sorry for how she was embarrasing herself, or whether it was just the headache she was giving me. Here's my advice for you Zainab; please shut your yap and stick to what you know best, which, according to your previous attempts, doesn't seem to be either directing or acting.

Ah, never mind, she's probably not going to stop, is she? Eid mubarak to you all!


MSB said...

where's the rest of your post? it stopped at 'today i heard her' ..

yeah, that sms thing happens a lot.. i've gone cheap and decided to send a mass email instead! no more benefiting batelco and zain as a result of these occasion smses!! :)

on another note, blogger sux! they keep changing the way we sign in to comment..

MSB said...

oh shaklek u were still posting.. shasawee, malgoofa! :)

kil 3am o int ibkhair.. 3eedek embarak.. wain 3eidety?

ammaro.com said...

el 9ara7a yes, you are very malgoofa, why dont u wait? ;p youre right though, i should email everyone instead. Blogger just opened up the option for anyone with a wordpress login or any other blog username to sign in and comment with their usual details..
3eedeya.. Hmm, well youre a dept head, im just a foreign exchange dealer! You should be giving me 3edeya! Waiting for mine..

Anonymous said...

hahaha to be honest,,, i have the same case here,,many msgs in eid and the bill...no comment about that

best solution to e-mail ur contacts an e-card wishing them a very happy eid, x-mas, new year, holidays...etc

zainab il 3skriee,, no commenet about that either "rolling eyes":P

Gadfly said...

What a great little custom. That makes two I think we should adopt from other cultures.

I also like the Jewish day of atonement thing where you go and try to make good on everybody you pissed off over the whole year. It doesn't matter if you are successful or not -- just that you try. I like that one too :o)

Shoush said...

So true about the sms increasing the distance between ppl. I never thot of that actually. It does keep ppl apart, becuz in the past if u wanted to keep in touch u'd actually put the effort to actually call and/or go meet them. Now, u just send a measily msg. Effort free thanks to technology. And thoughtless to be honest. A msg FORWARD that was probably not written by u, and if it was written by u, u probably send it to 30 other ppl so it's really not personal at all. Allah yir7am ayam zaman. But ya, we're all guilty of this. It's wat we get for being a part of this technology era. And it will only get worse with time. That's for sure.

And Zainab 3askari's directing and acting is ridiculous. She's too overly dramatic and superficial and too obsessed with herself in her mosalsalat. I haven't heard her sing, and am not sure i want to.

unokhan said...

"I still remember you, and if I ever do call you when I need something, it won't feel too awkward since i'm in touch with you".

ahah! that is exactly why a little alarm goes off in the back of anybody's mind when long-lost friends turn up..

Ammoontie said...

I dont have your mobile phone number ... so here is my SMS to you.
"Wishing you Eid Adha Mubarak ... May you have a pleasant and happy year ahead. Insyaallah."

Take care and enjoy your long weekend...!

Shale bin Agnon said...

I wish I didn't have so many friends;

I hope that never comes true for you!!!

eshda3wa said...

maskeena zainab
seriously i feel sorry for her
shes so lost
and keeps getting even more hideous by the minit!

as for the sms
im thankful i dont have to call many people and it gives me an excuse as not to be rude

KJ said...

3eedak mbarak man, and LooooL @ the SMS thing! Can't be more true