23 July 2007

The Saudis Love their Cars!

No comment?


Notes from behind the bike shed said...

yes, I suppose they do...what do you think happened to the back end? is that where the accident happened, or does he keep it in another place for backseat shenanigans?

mozzy said...

fuckin' saudis -.-
shall they suffocate from their exhaust smoke...

flymenian said...


I wonder how do these poor Beoble live, anyway,

I know the perfect store for them to


since it is very hard for them to get one.

Farhan said...

Quite possibly, the car was in
an accident. The guy likes cars
and he decided to convert the best
part into his desk!

Adapt, Adopt and Invent. He certainly did that.

Anonymous said...

God bless the days of the Camels, it will return, mark my word.

Anonymous said...

Saudis Are Rich ..

Wish go to saudi arabia