25 July 2007

Big Spenders

With the excess amounts of cash that have managed to flow into this region from oil revenues, investments, real estate etc over the years, we've had millionaires and billionaires spring up outta nowhere. Unfortunately, a poor past and a sudden very rich present leads to throwing cash around, and over-excessive spending on the most useless things. I think we've even gotten a reputation for spending like idiots (just see western movies and how they portray middle-easter princes and shaikhs etc).

But what you'll read below just tops the list:

Hey big spender, $210,000 drinks bill
Tue Jul 24, 12:26 PM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - A Middle Eastern businessman spent over $210,000 in a five-hour, champagne- and vodka-fuelled spending spree in a London nightclub at the weekend.

Fraser Donaldson, a representative of Crystal, a club favored by Prince Harry, said in 20 years working in the industry it was the biggest bill he'd seen from one customer.

The unnamed big spender entered Crystal at midnight on Saturday with friends -- nine women and eight men -- and ordered a $50 bottle of white wine, a spokesman for the club said.

But before long he was ordering magnums of Dom Perignon at $1,400 each and then called for a Methuselah -- eight bottles in one -- of Cristal Champagne at $60,000 and the party spread.

The festivities ended with a "night cap" consisting of a Methuselah of Belvedere vodka, which cost $2,800. "He basically just said, 'keep the drinks flowing,'" the club spokesman said.

When the party left at 5 a.m., the bill was 81,471.50 pounds, which with tax and service added amounted to 105,805.28 pounds -- $218,000. It included the cost of six Coca-Colas.
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Bloody spoiled brats...


jen said...

i don't even think i'll amass that much dough in my lifetime.

Ammar456 said...

its fricking ridiculous jen. just ridiculous.

Farhan said...

it is really sad.

Anonymous said...

My sister just bought a lovely brand new town-home for $199,000