2 July 2007

MP's: "Now you can hear us on the radio!"

That's what the MP's are out saying; promising more transparency and showing us exactly what they discuss, by broadcasting their parlimentary debates on air.

I really don't know how I feel about this; am I excited to finally get a chance to know what REALLY goes on inside those walls, or am I just worried about accidentally tuning in to their channel and having my brain fried by the amount of boring crap discussed on useless issues.

Well, either way, I guess its a step forward.

Aside from the whole MP's on the radio issue; I thought MP's were supposed to be a group elected to represent the people of a country. Unfortunately most of what we have seen is them working for their own agendas; not necessarily working to benefit themselves (although that has been the case a number of times), but generally fighting in what THEY believe in and not what they think the people believe in, whether it is a strong religious/political belief or otherwise.

MP's, please get the point here; we didn't choose you to make your own decisions regarding these subjects. We chose you to get our requests out in the open. Get more involved with the members of this society, go places, meet people, see what our problems are. Hopefully with a little bit of this, maybe the real issues we have will finally start to see the light.

Parliament debates on radio
PARLIAMENTARY debates are to be broadcast on FM radio channels, it was revealed yesterday.

The Cabinet agreed to the move "to allow people to follow the transparent nature of Bahrain's parliamentary process."

In other developments, measures to improve Tubli Bay's marine environment were discussed.


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Um Naief said...

hmmmmm... let's hope you're right, but i doubt it.

having worked there and been privy to actions, the real ppl behind closed doors.... i just wonder if anything will ever change.