30 July 2007


Anybody ever register with them? I signed up with GulfBankers.com, among a number of other recruitment companies sometime around the beginning of the year. You basically enter your employment/education details etc, and they send you notifications whenever a job suitable for your qualification pops up.

How do these companies make their money? Well, they get a sort of commission everytime they find a suitable person for the job available. The amount of commission paid usually corresponds to the size of the position (ie, if they find the right person for a general manager job, they get paid a heck of a lot more than if they find someone to fill in a teller job).

This obviously makes it a lot more attractive for them to advertise the bigger positions, correct? However, being a search and recruitment agency, they are supposed to be able to provide all types of positions, whether high or low, unless they advertise themselves as otherwise.

Now, I have a good 6 years of direct work experience on my resume, i've worked in supervisory/team-leader positions in my last job, and even though i've managed to move up pretty quickly compared to others at my age, at best I could be considered a junior position, and pushing it you might be able to consider me middle-level. So after a good half an hour entering all my details, GulfBankers keep sending me email job notifications, which I assumed would be based on the data I have entered.

Subject? "Suitable Job from GulfBankers".

Why do I keep getting emails offering me things like "Chief Operating Officer" of a huge company, with requirements like 15 years of experience, with at least 10 in a Senior position? Or "General Manager" of a large bank, with a good 20 years experience and PhD?

I figured it might have been a mistake, and this was a unique situation. Guess not. Turns out another friend of mine working 2 or 3 years in a starting level position also gets these emails. AND another friend who just graduated and looking for a job, no experience, is also getting the CEO and GM position emails!

I've not seen an introductory, junior, or even middle level position job notification being sent out yet.

Come on GulfBankers.com, do your job properly. Tailor your database to actually divide up the applicants based on their education and experience, and get your system to send out emails accordingly! I know you're more keen on those high commissions for the higher level positions, but seriously, don't be lazy and just send them out to everyone who signs up with you!


Manaf Almuhandis said...

It's not only this site, almost all others are like that.. But i'll tell you what- do not use Clarendon Parker. Since 2003 and I got only one interview for a pathetic job which they didn't want me to get.. I know the other more qualifired person they were pushing (they'd send more than one to show they have alot then push only one). I am so pissed off I will call them to force them to remove my details.

June said...

To be honest Ammar, this happens even with UK recruitment companies. It's the same everywhere I guess. You have to filter through the 23482347023 job offer notifications you receive and you MIGHT then find something "suitable".

Ammar456 said...

Well, it doesnt seem that bad with the other sites; i've signed up for a few others, both in the US and the region here. I get some reasonable jobs, and some others not so reasonable. But this ones kinda pushing it. Aaaaah kelyom CEO position. Duh.

BeatingHeart said...

maybe you are destined to be a CEO Ammar.. do not underestimate the talents you have..