25 December 2008

Bahrain Falls to Demonic Plans

News-Flash: Bahrain has been taken over by the demonic plans of a number of vicious and immoral companies, headed by Playboy. The bunny logo has been spotted everywhere from supermarkets, to perfume and accessories shops, and it renders anyone staring at it for more than 2 seconds to be transformed into an immoral sin-making-machine.

People have been seen outside in the streets committing acts of adultery, as well as violence and theft. Rape and murder are on the increase, as Playboy and it's partners continue to place the logo in highly visible locations, entrancing it's victims to live an existence of sin.

Oh yeah; another strike by our lovely MP's; you know, those people voted in as part of the governments measures to fix the economical, societal and political issues that the country faces.

But what do they do? They object to having rabbit logos everywhere.

Yup, the infamous playboy bunny. Now we all know that Playboy publishes a well-known magazine, which breaches Islamic values, but apparently this is enough to ban the sales of everything bearing the company logo, whether it's perfume, accessories, or anything else, no matter how harmless these products are.

I don't think the MP's understand that this is a 'brand'. You know, like Coca Cola? McDonalds? Mercedes? Sony? It doesn't represent a specific image (especially not those from those magazine you hide under your bed, Mr. MP). It's just a bloody brand. Get over it; our youth won't get corrupted from seeing a cartoon image of a rabbit head everywhere.

I pray for you to be kind to the real rabbit's around the country, because the way this is going, we just might see rabbit hunts and cruelty towards them on the increase.

Call for 'Playboy' boycott
25 December 2008

A CALL to withdraw all Playboy products from Bahrain's market went out from an MP yesterday. The company produces a magazine that goes against Islamic values and must be banned from selling other products in Bahrain, said parliament's legislative and legal affairs committee vice-chairman Shaikh Jassim Al Saeedi.

He said that he was shocked to see that many products with Playboy's logo were being sold in the market.

Mr Al Saeedi is now urging the Industry and Commerce Ministry to carry out immediate inspections on shops and stores to remove the products.

"Playboy items are produced by the same US company, which produces the magazine famous for its indecency and immorality," said Mr Al Saeedi.

"There are a lot of Playboy products - ranging from perfumes, accessories, make-up items and women's clothes - being sold in our market, giving the message that we agree with what this company is doing.

"Who allowed those products to enter the market? How are they being marketed at shops and stores?

"What is Industry and Commerce Ministry doing to stop this market invasion?"

"People should also help us get these products removed from the market, in view of the harm this brand may cause to our Islamic society," said Mr Al Saeedi.

"The availability of those products in our markets is just the first of many steps to invade us morally and intellectually.

"There are other companies trying to do the same and they should be stopped too, before our society falls victim to their demonic plans."


Ismaeel Naar said...

HAHA The MPs.. especially this one, are extremely funny in my opinion.. last week it was something to do with banning the english language in all its forms in any sessions.. and noy poor playboy.. Thanks ammar for bringing this to our attention !

Anonymous said...

what's the big deal over just a bunny's head? The magazine is the only one turning heads, so why the fuss over just a logo? Is it because there's a nude babe under it? lol!!!

david santos said...

Happy New Year....

Woozie said...

Or, better yet, they could get over themselves and enjoy porn like any other human male.

Redbelt said...

Boycotting a rabbits head? Cute move MPs!
Not that I give a F*** anymore. We got so much BS from them that it doesn't hurt no more.

moon-light7 said...

All PMs, candidates or elected, r either building castles in the sand or speaking words of thin air! Bahrain was better off without the council! it's just a name & place. no use at all.

ppl, as individuals & groups, can do so much if they just realize their own powers as humans.

rosh said...

hahaha! I love how you humour it out! :)