13 December 2008

Good Music Videos

Lol. I heard a song on the radio yesterday, a song I actually know from a few years back with a pretty funky video, which prompted me to look it up. There's not much real life in today's music videos; most have some guy standing and singing (trying to sing) in front of a bunch of expensive cars, people dancing around in a club, some girl playing a piano by the beach somewhere, or something equally cliche.

This was pretty funky though; besides the tune (which will stick in your head and repeat itself over for the rest of the day if you're not careful), whoever came up with the idea and directed this video needs some sort of award; there's a specific 2 or 3 second clip for every note/sound/tune in the video, which is shown every time that sound comes up in the song, and putting them together just works out really well.

There's no real point to the video, but it's creative and fun - enjoy:

Wiseguys - Start the Commotion


Reem B. said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP ITTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!!

you know what's stuck in my head now?



Thank you Ammaro. Thank you so MUCH!!

lol !!

ammaro said...

A disclaimer was posted before the video; I deny any legal action against me regarding having the song stuck in your head.

Abid said...

This song was featured on some commercial sometime ago...probably beer, I'd say.

June said...

Oh god I used to love this!

Semaj said...

This song was used in a lot of beer and car ads back in the day.

Thanks for the flashback.

Something tells me that I'll be singing this song at work tonight.

CG said...

I trusted your 'taste'. Bad move.
Sorry, only got to 0:31, lordy loo.

(old and blonde here, always my excuse).