4 January 2009


Israeli forces launched a ground offensive against Hamas, which probably means a larger death toll over the next few days. I don't understand the way Hamas thinks. Sure, you have balls for fighting with the Israelis, but it's not getting you anywhere.

Past two weeks? Almost 500 Palestinians dead, over 2,300 injured, and water, food and electricity shortages for all of Gaza.

Israeli side? 4 dead.

It's a losing battle. In terms of war, Israel is like fire; throwing wood at it to try and beat it up will only make it stronger.



Disregarding the position of the remaining Arab states, who are useless when it comes to doing anything about the situation (besides denouncing the enemy and canceling new year parties in support), Hamas does not have the power to overcome, or even put a dent in Israel when it comes to military might. Why try? You're just sacrificing lives that aren't your own.

I don't have a solution to this, but I know that trying to go it against the Israelis isn't it, let alone trying to do it alone.

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction"
--Albert Einstein--


Manal said...

اللهم افرجها على اهل الاسلام والمسلمين

Anonymous said...

Honey, i think you are the one that needs to think.

- the israelis have been planning this for the past 6 months
- they broke the truce in november when they killed 6 Hamas members
- they've had gaza under siege for 18 months
- they've timed this strategically

Israel is a bully, it is the pure evil satanic force on the planet, and it is only ironic that the victims of the holocaust are doing this. We saw this in 2006 in Lebanon or does your memory not serve you? Hezbollah as a resistance wasn't to blame then, and Hamas isn't to blame now.

ammaro said...

Anon; i'm not disagreeing with you on most of what you said. However, try and see my point. Hamas isn't going to harm Israel in anyway, but instead give them a sort of 'justification' for attacking Gaza. When the world turns around and accuses them, all they have to say is, they shot at us too. Thus the world overlooks.

If it was the combined powers of Hamas, Hezbolla, the Egyptian Army, the Syrian Army, the rest of the Arabs, etc etc, then it makes sense going to war with Israel, because that's the only time there's a chance of winning this war. Otherwise, it's just pointless casualty after casualty.

To actually fight this enemy, brute force just won't do it in this situation.

Anonymous said...

I am not a jew,christian or a arabian so i can say i am slightly unbiased.When i was in Alexandria Egypt i was in a garden close to palestine hotel. I made friends with 2 young boys & really hugged them, they found in me as one of their true friend & took me to a place where i could get what i want. As we smoked chatted & laughed we realized we were from 2 different countries with 2 different religion.Every time i travel back my memory lane i remember those beautiful kids & when i come back to my country i see so much of resentment against islam because of jihadist.It finally goes back to the fundamental question what is "Purpose of my life".Is it the unadulterated love & affection i have for those kids or is it to blow away our life for injustice.I think what is won by violence will be lost by violence, what is won by sincere love will be remembered forever.My thinking is this world can be a safe place only if there is no religion.I fear a major nuclear or other holocaust will wipe half the people in this world very very quickly.I will blame Hamas for they had no right to make a decision risking so many people's life. I would also think the muslim world should also fight for people in tibet,srilanka,africa if they do not follow abrahamic religion. Just because all of you are very powerful with oil money or latest technology of christain & jew land does not mean other human beings should not be given a voice.I have not seen one protest when far more heinous crimes have been done on human beings from any of you in the muslim world.Let the supreme Allah give justice that he kills all christians muslims jews & give the planet earth to its original follower natives & aborignees from whom you plundered & raped.

Homers Secret Mistress said...

Firstly: The current Palestinian/ Israeli conflict is not a conflict of Religion. It is a Conflict over land, so religion has nothing to do with this.

Secondly, what lead you to think that Muslims do not fight for the causes of people of other parts of the worlds? It is our moral duty as Muslims, and more so as humans to fight for justice (the very grounding establishment of the Islamic faith is just that).

And thirdly, I question how your wish for all Muslims and Jews and Christians to die is any different from the wish of Hitler, Bin Laden, and the KKK.

Homers Secret Mistress said...

and ammar, I agree with you on this one, I dont understand how hammas is helping the situation. and im not sure how the situation is to be solved, but i do know that what is currently happening isnt exactly liberating palestine, and im not quiet sure what will.

Anonymous said...

Aha, let me go to your house, sit there and claim it mine, decide when you can eat, shower, drink, and pray. Rape your wife, mother, kill your father, and say aaah that is my self defence. Then at that point I would like to see how you are so wise and much of thinking you can/want to do.
The problem with palestine is just this, people sitting down, swallowing the media shit that we are fed by the western media which is blinding everyone.
This is a survival battle, are you so blind and naiive to overlook the oppression? Sure, poking and angering the beast will acheive nothing but frightening numbers of dead people, but do you understand the meaning of having 1.5 million cramped in there? With no water or electricity? I suppose you didn't hear how Israel was cutting supplies and water and electricity for months now because you were busy to find out what snoop had for lunch!
I wish it on no one, this oppression and injustice, but try to put urself in their shoes for one day.
If you can't say anything smart you might as well say nothing at all.

muizz said...

hamas probably wont win, but i doubt thats what they had in mind by firing home made rockets into israel from the start.. it was anger against the oppression theyve been put through. israel could have found any reason to bomb gaza, they just chose one that they could manipulate to make hamas to blame. more than 100 children have been killed and israel still says hamas is to blame.. its bullshit. i agree with how pathetic the arab states have become, all they can do is condemn israel from a safe distance. maybe its not a solution, but if they actually exerted pressure onto the west they might have been able to stop this a lot earlier. and Anon: "If you can't say anything smart you might as well say nothing at all" - thats bullshit too, because it opened a source for discussion, otherwise you wouldnt have been able to let your "smart" comments heard here

beaverboosh said...

It is a grave situation which unfortunately, most foreigners do not understand, and cannot even grasp the scoial history. Let us hope for peace!

ammaro said...

Anon3; Put myself in whose shoes? Hamas? I'll put myself in their shoes, and i'll decide to fight the Israelis with all that I have. I won't hurt them, but i'll prove that i'm still there. I'm still strong. I'm still standing. Yet at the same time, i'll get the Israelis to come down into Gaza and kill 100 men, women and children who are innocent civilians, while I celebrate killing one of theirs. Sure, makes perfect sense.

How about you put yourself in the shoes of the innocent men women and children who are dying instead? The Palestinian people are not Hamas. Hamas is a political party; I couldn't care less about being in their shoes, since they attack/retaliate to prove strength, not because they've been cramped up without electricity and water; and they're not protecting anyone right now. Firing 100 rockets into Israel doesn't stop the killing of the civilians in Gaza, and again, it just gives Israel a justification. It's not a real justification, but it's something they can turn around in the media.

Let's imagine a different situation. Day 1, Israel attacks. Hamas does nothing. Day 2, Israel attacks, Hamas does nothing. Day 3, Israel attacks, Hamas does NOTHING.

The whole world will retaliate against Israel because they've just made it apparent that they are oppressing Gaza for NO REAL REASON. No excuses, real or otherwise.

I'm not suggesting that this is the right solution, i'm just using it as an example. I'm not blaming Hamas for the mess, obviously, but i'm saying their take on things isn't making a shitty situation any better. And before you accuse me of not saying anything smart, perhaps you should go back and read over your comments first.

Anonymous said...

Since you focused so much on the shoes issue without trying to see any point, I'll simplify it more...
Put yourself in the shoes of average joe Palestinian (forget Hamas for an instant) and try to imagine what they go through on a daily basis, a hundred Hamas would be born. Hamas are only wrong in not being as vocal and manipulative as the Israelis are. Try to think about it this way.
And as for your situation analysis of do nothing, hmm don't you think that's what's been done for ages now? What has been acheived? Hmm NOTHING!
What is the reason for Hamas? Why was hamas start in the first place? I think two bearded men sat down and decided, hey, let's make a military guerilla forced, bomb Israel and then we would get the gates of hell opened, that's fun!

Muizz, sure, sitting hundreds of miles away from where palestinians are being slaughtered lecturing them that it's their fault that this wrath has been brought upon them is their own fault and instead they should have gotten a pipe and thought about how to solve it is really smart and noble.

Anonymous said...

I disagree - flat-out.

The pigs are dying, and they are dying in great numbers, w lillaah el7md. The only thing is..as usual, they hidin' it from the media.

Who controls the media? Sure as hell ain't the Muslims. So, they only show us what they WANT us to see, not what REALLY is happenin'.

As for 7ammas - Allah yn9erhm wel mujahideen ef kil mkan, w ythabbet-hm, w y7f'6hm - they WILL claim victory eventually Inshalla.

The innocent who are dyin', and those who witness these deaths all have strong Iman, and even after seeing the blood and gore, they hold steadfast to their religion. You will never hear them utter words of ingratitude - rather, you will only hear praises for Allah.

They die, yes..but they die with their faith in Allah as strong as ever - intact..and that in itself is something very hard these days. With all the prevailing fitn w fwa7ish, sinning has become unbelievably easy. They have all attained the high ranks of Shuhadaa2, and have been spared the greatest fitna yet to come: the appearance of Dajjal/the Anti-Christ. A fitna so great that it will ensnare even the most pious.

Sorry 6walt 3layk..bes b9ara7a..Mujahideen have a great rank in the sight of Allah, and that's what 7ammas are. we can't do sh** sittin' here in the comfort of our air-conditioned homes, but the least we can do is offer the lions of Islam our support. If we being Muslims, criticize our Muslim Brethren who are fighting for the sake of their Deen, than can we expect any sympathy from the pigs who butcher us endlessly in cold-blood, with the hope of wipin' us off the face of this earth?

m3enna that will NEVER happen - victory will be for Muslims alone, but before that happens, a lot of blood will be shed. That's the price that needs to paid to see the banner of 'La ilaaha illallah' raised high in the skies for all to see..so be it.

btw, i AM aware of the fact that the authorities could haul me off in their dungeons of detention centers for merely speakin' what's on my mind..*freedom of speech, eh? BS.* bes we've kept quiet and taken their sh** for waaayyy too long..

فستذكرون ما أقول لكم و أفوض أمري إلى الله و الله بصير بالعباد*verse 44, surah '3afir*

A small request which won't take too much of your time, & will only benefit you & others, Inshalla.. please check these videos out:



Barak Allah Feek, bro..and forgive me if I come out as harsh, but the condition of Muslims today is heartbreaking and alarming..& has gotten me all fired up..fa same7ni if i've offended you..ma kan g9dy..w once again, sam7ni..6awalt 3layk MAJOR..!

Anonymous said...

Good words. While the world is tuned onto realistic goals and economic calculations - Hamas is living on rhetoric and religion.

It knows the consequences of messing with a ruthless regional power, it knows how innocents will get killed - and thats what it Exploits.

Everyone will mourn and support and be outraged - bring in religion and its a winner - even if hundreds get killed but no, they are martyrs.

Dear Hamas, no families, children, etc asked to become martyrs.

On Hardtalk BBC, Hamas spokesman - half an hour of counter questions and yes...more Rhetoric.

"We will rule from the Dead sea to Lebanon" - How does all this help?

And its interesting to note that GDN didn't cover the continued news of deaths and rocket attacks past few months on S Israel. This will of course allow local populations to think Israel decided to just walk in.

Qute said...

Maybe hamas should give out their army and surrender to israel.like the westbank ? . let israel control the army and let it do whatever is pleased to do.. becuase its their land is the zoinist land right? let all palestinians surrender to let israeli army controls and secures until it all dispears... It can get worse to this. But thats how arabs are...i mean the other arabs... not the palestinians in gaza... They allll have american military bases.. who controls them ? ?? You think they can stop this ? ofcourse not.. why ???

I AM ASHAMED TO BE AN ARAB... WHat a year to begin with !