4 December 2008

Mall Randomness

No matter how many things we have to do in Bahrain, somehow we still end up cruising around the malls.. Passed by Seef and City Center malls yesterday; a few fun pics from both (click for large size):

Here's what happens when you mix our culture with the West; tadaaaa, Baklava Blizzard at Dairy Queen! (If you don't already know, Blizzard's are ice creams infused with some sort of cookies, chocolate chips, etc. Baklava is a traditional Arabic pastry dessert) The two actually don't taste bad together at all!

Speaking of mixing East and West, check out our very own Bahraini Christmas trees, with the whole Arabic theme going on and all:

Buying phones: You can either get the original Nokia, or you can get the Chinese version! Half the size, half the price!

This has got to be the most boring job in the world; you see, there's a special stand in the cinema for HSBC credit card holders (some sort of privilege you get for signing up for an HSBC credit card). It doesn't really offer any benefits besides having a special queue; ie, no special seats, no free popcorn, no nothing. Now first of all, the most i've had to wait in the cinema queue is about 3 or 4 minutes, and that's at an extreme. Usually I have to wait more like 30 seconds, if not immediately since the stands are hardly busy. Second of all, HSBC accounts cover less than 10% of Bahrain's population, and most of these people have savings accounts, and not credit cards. Third of all, not all of these credit card holders are regular movie-goers by any means; therefore leading to this really really bored lady in the HSBC privilege stand on the right, with hardly any work to do:

Oh, and the regular cinema stands didn't actually have anyone in the queue.

Moving on... Someone is obviously not happy with people eating or smoking in his shop!!!! (Can you add a few more exclamation marks please? I don't quite seem to get it).

Then it was off to City Center, the mall of funny mannequins. No seriously, I don't think the people in the shops here understand the concept of them:

Yes, uhh, those things are used to put clothes on, actually... But even when they figure out that you can put clothes on them, they still can't strike the right pose:

This mannequin sort of says: "This suit feels so good, it makes me want to pee!"

Of course, we couldn't pass up the opportunity for a hot Krispy Kreme donut! Red light is on, warm donuts coming out!

And I decided i've had enough with waiting, I finally got myself a Blackbery Bold! Yuppeeee!

Same night I saw the news about the Nokia N97 coming out sometime next month! Dammit!

Anyway, that's enough mall hopping for today! Go get yourselves a donut or something.


Anonymous said...

Did you go out with the buddies or the wife?

ammaro said...

wifey is away, out with the buddies! why the retarded question?

rosh said...

lol @ the exclamations in red haha! Dang, that should scare people!! :) Love the Christmas tree look - fusion indeed!

yum yum krispy kreme here I come!

Kewl BB bro!

Anonymous said...

"why the retarded question?"

lol just wonderin

Anonymous said...

Baclava blizzards? How come we don't have these ones!?

Anonymous said...

I did not know you are married. Bummer!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should :p

Or maybe you should do something about it. ;)

ammaro said...

you being all anon doesnt help!

Semaj said...

Thanks for the laugh, mannequin bit was funny.

Homers Secret Mistress said...

loooool, ok the whole thing cracked me up, especially the peeing manequin.

sorry to dampen things thou, those christmass trees at M&S, well their not exactly arab/western fusion, we have them going on in england too. M&S got affected by the credit crunch real bad baisically and is trying to change its methods i guess.

Homers Secret Mistress said...

and the whole explanation mark thing, that was soooooo typed my me! looooool

June said...

Ditto Homer's Secret Mistress. I saw those Christmas trees last week at M&S.

Anonymous said...

Here's some news for you :

HSBC counters at Seef? Use your HSBC Credit Card to buy a ticket and you get a free pepsi and a free popcorn voucher per ticket.

So hell yeah - thats a 1 BD savings!

ammaro said...

wow. 1bd saving. makes it worth that extra effort just to get me an HSBC credit card! :p