9 December 2008

The June Bug


Title = Garbage
More than just rubbish.
Closed Down.
No, moved!
New blog.


For all of you who are a little slow and didn't get that, our lovely blogger June, who used to write 'Garbage', has moved to a new blog! Very simple. She's pretty awesome, and a fun read too. Why should you read her blog? Well, because she just had an encounter with Paul McCartney, and you didn't.

That should sum it up.

Go now; June Bug


June said...

Oh yaaaaay! Shameless publicity! Lovin' it! Thank you darling xxxxxxxx

Homers Secret Mistress said...

looooool i shall check it out;)

MSB said...

the best garbage ever ;) and yes, she rocks!

Anonymous said...

that does seem like a fun read, thanks!

Cloudy Stars said...

i'll check