2 September 2009

Mr. Smooth @ City Center

We were all excited when Bahrain City Center was finally opened to the public. Yup, a big new mall, new shops, restaurants, and new outlets full of fun, woohoow!

A little under a year after the mall has opened, it's most striking feature (I think), is actually none of the above. It's one of the traffic warden dudes who works there.

If you've been to City Center on more than one occasion, you must have an idea of what i'm talking about. Always there, on the far exit of the parking lot, slowly guiding the cars out with a smooth, slick motion? Always smiling? And looks pretty damn cool while doing it?

Yup, it's 'that guy' from City Center! If you don't already know him, he's always standing there and smiling. What he's smiling about, we can't really tell, but he alwaaaays manages to make our day, no matter what's been getting on our nerves or stressing us out.

Now this is a guy whose happy; if you can't take that as an example in your life, I don't know what else to tell you. Maybe he escaped from a brutal warzone where everyone was fighting and killing each other, and this job is a perfect heaven in comparison. Or perhaps he's on some sort of Opium or Marijuana or something. I dunno. Either way, he's happy, and that's something to look up to. Check out the video, and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic!! That man truly deserves to be famous! He makes my day every time I go to City Center.

Grey said...


Jaffar said...

This guy is brilliant! what surprised me the most was my sadness on the days he i was leaving the mall and did not see him - ifact i have not seen him for the past week!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your site has recognised this man. I wrote a letter to the GDN about him months ago but I don't think they ever printed it. This is what I wrote:

Dear Sir/Madam,

As an avid window shopper and regular ice cream eater, I visit City Centre Mall at least three times a week - maybe just for a walk. Every time I go I park in the basement.

No matter how many times I visit or what time of day it is - one thing remains a constant: the nicest, happiest traffic director I have ever seen! He directs traffic between the basement and level one; every single time I see him he has the biggest smile on his face and takes such pride in his work that his enthusiasm is infectious. His good manners and gracious demeanour shine through and I think he sets an example for the rest of us. If only everyone did their work with such a smile on their face – I include myself in this criticism.

Let's face it, his job isn't exactly the most exciting task on the planet, yet he undertakes it with pleasure and eagerness. It's not just him - everywhere I go in Bahrain I'm greeted by friendly service staff and shop assistants who are only too willing to please. It's a refreshing change from the 'computer says no' mentality I was greeted with in the UK .

The helpful and upbeat attitudes of those I have encountered here have inspired me to be more courteous and motivated in my own life and work. So to all the friendly and polite staff that I've encountered in Bahrain - I say a big thank you.

Happy shopper

Zainal said...


DAAG DA FIRE YaZz said...

yea he alwayz happy...hes a KASHMIRI...


beaverboosh said...

Ya, bring on more traffic warden dudes!!!

Loki said...

This guy is awesome. He always makes me feel better.

Roonii ♡ said...


dude! u could be one hell of a stalker!

^.^ nice to noe that there are ppl like that =)