19 September 2009


Eid mubarak everyone! And although its supposed to be a very happy
occassion, we all need to be very careful this Eid.

Swine flu never scared me that much, but the way our Ministry of
Health is taking care of it (ie, badly), it starts to become a real
problem. Now, with eid tomorrow, the regular way to greet family and
friends is with a lot of hugging and kissing.

Not Good.

The person you're hugging and kissing might have come in contact with
someone who came in contact with someone who came in contact with
someone who has the flu. And then you go around hugging and kissing
your whole family, eventually meaning a bunch of you are going to fall
sick. And yes, that is going to happen if you don't watch it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to ruin your Eid. Just use common
sense, and avoid very close physical contact. Its less depressing not
hugging and kissing family members than having to say byebye to them
at the hospital.

Spread the word. No hugging and kissing this eid; let's keep it a
happy, disease-free occassion.

Spread the word.



ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ said...

As i stated in my blog http://angelistiic.blogspot.com/2009/09/eid-mubarak.html << I DON'T CARE, Swine flu is as normal as high fever so nothing to worry about - why the fuss? OK, people have been dying, this is true, but then other illnesses and, for that matter, road accidents are killing far more people than this grandly entitled flu pandemic is. Medicine has come a long way too. I won't let it spoil Eid celebrations .. ya5i 3eed is not "good" without hands shaking, kissing and hugging!

ammaro said...

swine flu in itself doesn't worry me too much... i figure its a little tougher than your average flu, and with the right actions and common sense, you could get over it.

unfortunately, we don't have that in Bahrain. Our ministry of health keep saying their on top of it, when they're obviously not (see last post), and are in fact making the situation worse. Add that to increasing people getting infected and you've got a bit of an issue. The worry isn't people like you or me getting it, the issue is when it hits more vulnerable people; younger children, older people, whose immune system can't quite fight it as well as ours, and can very possibly lead to death. Mix that in with eid with the whole family and random people walking in and out, and you've got real issues. This isn't about you getting swine flu, this is about it spreading to hit little people who may very likely die from it.

ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ said...

Yes u have a point bas still grab a bottle of hand sanitizer on hand and voila' - problem solved (I hope!!)

Happy Eid

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Author www.ammaro.com !
Completely I share your opinion. It seems to me it is good idea. I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

ammaro said...

sure, go right ahead.. im on twitter.com/ammar456