26 September 2009

Fayez Enta Fayez

Ramadan's over, and I must say, the amount of crap on TV this year was beyond me. We get a whole lot of crap every year, true, but this year just blew the Guinness record off this thing... Everything from drama shows which have no relevance to reality, supposedly funny prank shows that end up repeating the same prank every day to different people and get boring after the second viewing, to to to... It keeps going..

One very special memorable show was from our neighboring Kuwait. We love you guys, but you didn't have to throw this on us. Yup, Shejoon Al Hajiri, otherwise known as Shoojy with her own competition quiz show, unbelievably fake tan, ridiculous laugh, and overall annoying everything. Here's a very short clip so you have an idea of what i'm talking about (don't want to give you anything longer as it might result in brain damage)

And now that Ramadan is over, everything is back to normal, except that ringing in the back of my head every time I try to do anything; fayyyezzz entaaa fayyyeezzz walla faayyyeeezzz AAAARRRRGGGHHHH SHUUUTTTT UPPPPP!! Luckily for me, Thee Project, a heavy metal/rock/alternative band had the cure. They had a concert about 2 days ago at BIC, and performed a little suprise tribute to Shoojy as part of their show. Enjoy.

I was rolling on the floor in laughter! Amazing stuff, and hey, the ringing in the back of my head is gone! Lovely :D

Spread this to anyone whose having trouble sleeping or still faces Shoojy nightmares. For more info on Thee Project and the Reflux concert they performed at, check out Bahrain Talent


ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ said...

Hi there ..

Yes I would second "unbelievably fake tan, ridiculous laugh, and overall annoying everything" BUT still she has her fans .. and honestly she is an excellent actor and for a girl her age she managed to come through with her talent ..

Even though it was annoying in Ramadan bas i cant help myself not to sing fayez fayez :p i would say go and thumbs-up to all the talented ppl who work to reach there goals and dreams :)

flymenian said...

Lol @ fake tan, why would an arab girl get a tan?

I guess she was stoned most of the show, I can't believe that anyone with enough brain cells can pull up this crap.

But anyway why would you or anyone sane would watch shoojy or whatever her name is?