9 September 2009

Metroing About

Car breakdowns.. Traffic jams.. Trying to find a parking spot.. Running out of gas.. Crawling through the traffic.. Car accident blocking the road.. Not being able to drive until you get your license.. Road rage.. Flat tires.. Traffic fines.. No parking zones.. Headache of annual car registration.. Scratching your car.. Getting lost.. Overheating engine.. Road construction.. Potholes.. Expensive repairs.. Running to the parking meter every two hours to put some more coins in.. Annoying drivers.. Blocked roads.. Dead battery.. Getting locked out.. Losing your keys.. Car theft.. The list goes on..

Almost 70 years ago, we discovered oil in the region. There has been milestone after milestone in development.

Today, a new one has been set. Dubai Metro, opening 09/09/09. It's been a long time coming, a little (ahem) over budget, and while talks all over the GCC have mentioned trains, metro's, etc, nothing material has emerged. Dubai has taken action, and has made all the above an obsolete choice for those who wish to use it. May this set the pace for the rest of the region.

Well done Dubai, even with the current situation of the World, you continue to astound.

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ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ said...

I am a PROUD to be an Emirati from Dubai ... The city which makes dreams a reality, the city which is known for its devotion, determination and strong will + the city known as NUMBER 1. Hats off and congratulations Dubai on this achievement not to forget the role of RTA and the efforts they've put to help make this dream a reality!!!!