13 July 2008

Smiling at Inefficiency

One thing about our public sector's total disregard of how an efficient organization is supposed to run; if it doesn't help u solve your problem, it at least gives you a smile for the day.

Decided to call up the Ministry of Information hotline for info on where to go to get some data on my "Smart-Card" updated. Yup, i just want a location and name of a place. No time of opening and closing, no details of paperwork I need to take with me, no questions on the process and what it involves. Nope. Just name me a place.

Went through the regular 20 minutes of redialling their number because A- no one answers or B- the line is busy, but that was already anticipated.

When she picked up, her voice was fun and cheerful; "Hello!" she said in an upbeat tone.

Hmm. Not your typical Public Service reply, but yeah, i'll take it; "Hello. Im looking for where to go to update my smart card details please?"

Her: (cheerfulness still there) Uuuuh.. I dunno!

Me: ....

Her: Can I help you?

Me: Umm, yeah, I need to know where to go to update my smart card details please? (didn't I just ask that?)

Her: Sorry, dunno! (still cheerful)

Me: (confused now) Emmm.. So, uh, is there like, anyone else, who can like, you know, answer my question?

Her: Nope! I'm new here..

Me: New.. Aha.. So they just left you alone with the phone and no one to help you out?

Her: Yeah, it's my first day! (all cheerful again).

Me: Do you have another number I can call or do you have any idea where I can ask about this?

Her: No, not really?!

Me: Ummm.. Uh.. Okay? Well, thanks, I guess? Bye..

Her: Bye! (all giggling)

Me: ...

Well that was awkward. Anyway, most people's reaction would be to get upset or angry, but i've pretty much gotten to the point where this sort of thing is almost expected, so it just gives me a good laugh at how sad/funny/ridiculous this whole thing is. Called in for some information and got comic relief; not what I was originally looking for, but hey, at least I got something!


icon said...

well, now here's the real poor thing. She's new dude, she told you. couldnt you call her boss?!!

(funny though)

Shionge said...

Hmmm....pretty you called the wrong agency ;)

Yacoub said...

Just to answer the question you called for, you should visit the Governate building depending on which governate you live in (based from the smart card website www.smartcard.gov.bh)

I guess you were unlucky with one of those summer job kids, but she should of at least asked someone near her..

Fo0f said...

why, you should've told her congrats on the new job!! :P

i hate it when they put up such numbers, and "act" all civilize, one of my relatives called the anti smoking number ater he saw their ads and that they can help him stop. They just talked to him as if he was stupid, and screamed, don't u know you will get cancer :S

i mean COME ON! u can do a lil bit better! :S

Wardat_il'7leej said...


Upbeat is the key word :)

Wardat_il'7leej said...


Upbeat is the key word :)

Princess said...

hehehehhehehehe cute-haaaaaaaaa kaifha madre i liked that conversation!

Zhu said...

Aren't you supposed to try to look smart on your first day?

Woozie said...

lol, bahrain

beaverboosh said...

Like Norway without the cheefulness!

moon-light7 said...

lol .. she's a trainee!

i had similar problems when I was working as a trainee, at least i had the sense to transfere the call to someone else who could help.

u could ask her to check for the ministry's phonebook next time lol