5 July 2008

HalaBahrain Magazine; Get the first online issue, out now!

Finished working on the first issue of HalaBahrain magazine, which has just been launched! Pass by HalaBahrain.com to download your copy today, and sign up to get it directly in your email every month!

HalaBahrain is Bahrain's first and only online magazine, bringing you everything about our island, including places to go, things to do, hangouts, news, events, business, entertainment, and much more!

HalaBahrain Magazine


Anonymous said...

Hey! Hala bahrain is a really good idea! I got your mag... if you guys need any design help, holler!

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

looks very professional, well done and good luck!

moon-light7 said...

got the issue :D

read most of the articles. great effort was put into it, & cool design :)

i wish there was a section or columns where ppl would write articles about different things, like art, music, or even short stories or poetry! this way many ppl would be involved in this magazine & popularity will increase. just an idea.

wonderful creation. great effort. kudos for all involved.

BuZain said...

congrats on a job well done. I read and enjoyed every bit of it. Keep up the good work.

KJ said...

good job bro :) mabrook the launch!

layal said...

استلمتها علي ايميل الشغل من مصدر مجهول :-)
ما كنت اعرف انك القائم عليها
شغل خبير
بالتوفيق ونحن بأنتظار العدد الثاني

SomeGuyFromPlanet said...

amazing forces people for a travel there!

May said...

Well, you definately know what you're doing.. i liked the idea bout getting people to write articles and what not.....
Big ups,

looking forward to the next issue, keep working hard Ammar


rosh said...

This is quite fantastic work, put together. Congratulations and Best, for continued success.

Anonymous said...

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