25 January 2010

Free Parking Spot

I don't post much because, well, time is pretty tight and there isn't an abundance of stupidity (which always makes a great topic). Well, actually there is but i'm not keeping up with it.

But I managed to keep up with some today, check this out:

Bidding 'war' over project

TWO developers are bidding for a project to turn a prime Manama site into a massive multi-tower office and shopping complex. Manama Municipal Council is studying the bids.

The site is currently a car park attached to buildings occupied by the Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs Ministry, the council and the municipality, just off the King Faisal Highway. All three would occupy offices in the new complex.

Council chairman Majeed Millad Al Jazeeri said: "We are looking for ways to best utilise municipal lands and it is a waste to have this land, which overlooks the King Faisal Highway, being used as a car park" he said.

Err, excuse me? Waste? Have you BEEN to the area recently? Cars are parked on top of each other and there is NO VACANT PARKING space at ALL, and that's WITH a parking complex in the area. You want to take that out, and put an office building to bring in even MORE people and cars? What are you frickin' stupid?

Seriously, do people in charge of stuff here just do things without any common sense? You're SUPPOSED to rip down some of those buildings and place more car parks, before thinking of any more buildings, you jackass.

Some people just tick me off.


Kiwi Nomad said...

Morons. Don't Councillors realise that there is no end user demand for more retail and office space in Bahrain. If their main objective is to find some office space for themselves, why not rent some of the currently unoccupied office space in Manama... and if they want to make the most effective use of the land on their books look at what there is demand for... such as carparking!

icon said...

And there are many of them!

Anonymous said...

Well, not all of us fight for parks.
Some people will always park right next to the buildings' entrance in thier BMW, or easily park in thier VIP parking space/lot next to the basement floor's elevator.
As long as their life is easy, why should they think about building more carparks?
In the future, not even the small VIP carpark will be needed.
Each manager will drive threw a car elevator which will take him in his car to his office directly. This eleminates the wasted time in case they forgot something in thier cars, the car would be right next to his desk...