27 January 2010

Apple Tablet - First Image (Before the Announcement)

Yes, we're hours away from the big announcement that has supposedly been a huge secret with rumors flying everywhere, has techie geeks wetting their beds, driving people nuts trying to figure out what it is and what it looks like, etc..

But here, we have the first official look at the first Apple Tablet image, ready?




According to what we've heard, this tablet looks sleeker and nicer than other tablets and comes in minimal stylish compact packaging, and costs about 3 times as much, and does pretty much the same any other tablet does.

No seriously though, so this Apple Tablet is supposedly the Amazon Kindle's competition. In other words, it's a big E-Book, where you can download novels, books, etc. Might help getting people back into reading because it's "cool".

Lets see.. A few more hours to go!


Okay, they've just made the announcement anddddd...

It's called the iPad!

Crap, what a rubbish name! Here's what I think when I hear the word iPad:

But honestly, it's just a big iPhone, without the phone part. Dammit, I still want one though.

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