9 October 2008

HalaBahrain - October

HalaBahrain; Bahrain's first & only online magazine, covering entertainment, events, places to go, things to do, and much more!

The October issue is now: read it online or download it at www.HalaBahrain.com (and don't forget to subscribe free to get it in your email every month!).


Grey said...

Nice cover .

Woozie said...

You are such a whore :P

Anonymous said...

Nice one man. And you never uploaded the T&T pics! Make sure you are at the upcoming T&T, I'm running my Z28.


Toxic_Honey said...

okay let me ask you this
its a stupid question

how did u changed this to just http://ammaro.com/ without that blogspot.com -_-

ammaro said...

thanks for the comments guys,

toxic, lol, it's in the settings, you purchase a domain name and then just link the blog to it... send me a msg with your email and i'll give you details on how to do it (in the Contact section at the top)