9 September 2008

Running Out of News

We all know the Gulf Daily News; my most favouritest bestest newspaper in the World, who love to turn the most un-newsworthy acts into huge issues:

Baby camel still missing after crash
MYSTERY surrounds the whereabouts of a baby camel, which fled after being involved in a road accident in which two people were injured. The accident happened near the Al Jazira Supermarket, Budaiya, when the camel reportedly fell off a pick-up truck, into the path of an oncoming car, on Saturday.
Oooooohhh... Mystery... How I love a good mystery...

It is understood the camel shattered the car windscreen, slightly injuring its Indian driver and a passenger. The camel was last seen running into bushes near Bushehri Gardens, but there has been no trace of it since.
It is understood? What the...? It's pretty obvious to tell if a windscreen has been shattered or not, what do you mean "it is understood"?! Did it take a bunch of intelligence agents researching hidden clues to figure that one out?

Traffic police called an ambulance and the injured car occupants were treated on the spot, but not taken to hospital.
If they were treated on the spot, I think that pretty much means they weren't taken to a hospital, no?

"We made sure the two men were treated but we are not aware of what happened to the camel," said a traffic official.
Of course you're not aware! It's because "Mystery" surrounds this whole case!

A witness, who was at a nearby cold store, said the camel fell off a pick-up but the vehicle did not stop.
No no no no NO! The guy was not a WITNESS. The word witness insinuates that there was some sort of crime, or some sort of exceptional occurrence. Seeing a camel falling off a vehicle that did not stop doesn't make you a "witness". It makes you a guy who saw a camel falling off a vehicle that did not stop.

Gulf Daily News; Adding Spice to your Every Day Life


Gardens of Sand said...

That cracked me up! Thanks for the good laugh. :-D

Princess said...

LOOOOOOOOL god now i love the gulf daily news! its genius! very inspired! please oh PLEASE update us on the baby camel that mysteriously dissapeared!!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ adding spice to your every day life :) WB...

KJ said...


Sunshine said...

They sound like me when I try to force my assignments into meeting the word limit haha

manutdfanatic said...

On a more optimistic note, Arab News isn't much better. :)

moon-light7 said...

lol. i would say some kid took the baby camel to raise it in their back yard or something!

GDN's got some very interesting news. i'd almost enjoy reading the newspaper!

soso said...

lool come on the poor baby camel could've died :P:P
here in the newspaper they wrote something about women got divorced becoz of the guy named mohannad in the turkish series ( noor ) :P
so mashy 7alak