16 September 2008

Got Black Magic Problems?

Google built their empire on contextual advertising; ie, anyone can have an advert up in Gmail, Google searches, etc, based upon similar content you search for or read about.

But sometimes you get... Well... Just take a look for yourselves (click for large size):


Umm... Ok, let's read it again...

Nullify Black Magic

Okay, an interesting title, wonder what this ad is all about?

Expert Indian Vedic Rituals

Ah great, just the sort of service I was looking for and couldn't find in my local yellow pages...

Remove all sort of Evil Effect

Yeah, sure sure... Can you prove it?

500% True

500%! That means it's not just one hundred percent true, not two hundred percent true, no, not even three hundred percent. Nope, you've got a FULL FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT. Holy crap, now you've definitely got me convinced that this thing is legit! Where do I sign up ?


Shwaish said...

well i get alot of penis enlargement ads so i think black magic removal thing is okay

Jawahir Jewels (JJ) said...

salam heheh interesting post now black magic removal or doing some one ppl or a person Oman is famouse for it ;-)


Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

Omman is famous for it? I never heard about that .. maybe that's why the sale so much buhur ..LOOOOOOOOOOOOL amar ... well is just the magic of the marketing this days .. :)

Zhu said...

Some of my Google Adsense aren't even remotely related to my blog content. It's quite funny sometimes, really.

moon-light7 said...

"based upon similar content you search for or read about." ==> now we know what u've been up to lately! ;P