28 June 2007

Transformers 2007

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I really didn't know how to feel when I first heard they were working on the movie. Transformers was my childhood. Growing up watching the cartoon, begging my parents to buy me the latest toys (I try to avoid using the word "dolls" here; they were so tough and manly), and everything else to do with transformers; from the school lunchpack, to the wall laser light show, to the stickers etc.

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Yes, Transformers pretty much defined my childhood phase. And as I grew and stopped watching them, I was left with nice memories. So now comes the movie, and I quivered to think how they can possibly destroy what used to be such an amazing childhood experience for me. To ruin what was an absolute joy to look forward to every evening (on Aramco Channel 3, that is), as i've seen what has been done to some classic cartoons or stories through their movie adaptations.

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So here I am dreading it.

And since the trailer and movie posters came out, I tried so hard to avoid seeing them. And a few days ago, a friend told me how great this movie would be.

"What makes you think that?" I asked.

"I just watched the trailer! It's AMAZING!" And he kept going on for a few minutes about how great it looked and how advanced the graphics were and how it all looked like it was going to live up to everyone's benchmark of what makes an amazing Transformers movie, which, if to be judged by someone like me, were pretty high.

So here I am, hand on the mouse shivering, facing the YouTube.com main page, with the search box populated with "transformers trailer".

Pointer is on the search button...

So I decide to suck it up, and click...

A few minutes later, i'm actually pretty pleased! It's directed by Michael Bay, produced by Speilberg, with Lucas behind the effects; I had no idea they were working on the project either. So, looks like were gonna have a good one on our hands here (and thats probably an understatement)! Judging by the way it looked from the trailer, I think i'm going to be one of those people lining up to get a ticket on the first day the movie comes out!

I'll let you know when it happens ;)

1 comment:

Eyad the Great said...

I'm a big fan of transformers, and had no doubt the movie would rock, you'd ask why?

well, those who know personally know that I have a soft side for the almighty Chevy Camaro, I loved that car since I knew it, now guess what is the star transformer, taraaaaaaaa, yes it will be the Gen 7 Camaro in all its glory.

the trailer was very good, and I cant wait to watch that movie.