17 June 2007

Above the Law

I read this in today's GDN (probably Bahrain's leading English newspaper). This comes from the reader letters section:

Ugly behaviour!
DEAR Yellow Humvee owner, how come I always see your vehicle, I am sure there is only one, it is so ugly, parked illegally?

I have yet to see it properly parked. It is either parked in a handicap reserved spot (Fuddruckers in Adliya), in a no parking zone (i.e. Al Jazira in Zinj) or like I have just seen it at Bahrain Mall almost trying to go through the doors.

Does it come as a mandatory behaviour when you buy an ugly truck like that?

Normand Lachance

Fair enough; I understand this persons frustration. But there is a bit of a bigger issue here, since a LOT of the people living here seem to have the same attitude as the driver of that Humvee. You see it everyday, people parking illegally and blocking the traffic flow of the people behind them, drivers going down the wrong way in a one-way street and then screaming or honking at anyone who comes out their way, speeding way over the speed limit even in the smallest roads with the risk of hitting someone by accident, overtaking the wrong way etc etc.

Sure, a lot of us have driven that way one time or the other; I personally drove like a total jackass for the first year or two after getting my drivers license. It was my "getting familiar with the roads" stage (well, thats what I like to call it anyway. But since then i've grown up, i've seen the nuisance it causes other people, and i've seen some of the dangers as well. I would like to think a lot of the people who start driving understand this after a while of driving.

But no! Some of the people who do this are either fully grown, fathers, or people who have been obviously behind the drivers seat for years. Why do you have to act like such jackasses? Why do people in this part of the world think they own the road, or that they have a sort of "do whatever the hell you want with no sympathy or consideration for other drivers" pass?

Just today morning on my way to work, I drove down a one way road through a little alley. Now when I almost reached the exit of the alley, someone drove into it and faced me. He was obviously driving the wrong way, and all he had to do was reverse his car the odd 2 meters or so, so that I can leave. But he just waited there for me to reverse all the way back out of the alley so that he can get his way!

After a few seconds, he rolled down his window to which I thought he was going to apologize, but no, he started shouting at me to move because he was late for work.

A few points here;
1- YOU'RE late for work, its your problem, leave earlier next time!
2- YOU'RE going down the wrong way, and I have the right of way, so stop blocking the road!
3- EVEN IF neither of us had the right of way, your backing up 2 meters is a lot easier than me backing up a good 30 meters or so down a tight alley!

And they believe they are god's gift to the roads. Mr White Cressida Plate No 14555, if you're reading this, you aren't!

We are not above the law guys. Unfortunately this behavior doesn't apply just to road laws and manners. You see it all over our community; the woman who walks into the bank to withdraw some cash, and at seeing a queue of 10 or 20 people or so decides to bypass them and go directly to the counter and demand to be served before anyone else? Or how about the customer who walks into a busy restaurant, and at being told there are no tables starts shouting at the waitress demanding to be seated? I've seen it, and I continue to see it.

We need to change this behavior; its hindering a lot of development, and is slowly promoting hate between one another. Now when i'm driving in my car, based on the road environment we have, I consider all other cars enemies that are there to take my spot. All customers in a bank other than me are adversaries and I need to get served before them. And so on and so on...

It would be nice if we try to consider other people before acting on our own selfish needs. The world does not revolve around each and every single one of us!


LiB Team said...

Nicely Said, Ammar,

This shitty attitude people have MUST change or we will be doomed forever. إنما الأمم أخلاق ما بقيت
فإن هم ذهبت أخلاقهم ذهبوا

Shame on you Driver of Cressida 14555, just because u own such plates doesn't make you better than everyone else. And as you said, it's not just kids who do that, kids are rebellious and are bound to grow up one day, but ones who do this crap are 35 and above! Makes me wanna own an AK47!

Anonymous said...

how true ammar

sometime i find it hard to believe when they say bahrainees are the most educated and well mannered of all the GCC, really too hard to believe

people want to have it their way regardless if they are right or wrong!!

they park behind your car and block you in for hours but when asked as to how anybody with a sane mind can do something as stupid tell you "ehterim nafsik" and gets all agressive!!!

then you have the idiots at small intersections, they force their way in forcing u to to slam the brakes and then grumble and wave with their hands like youre the one whos wrong ive seen a cressida who crossed a red light fight off oncoming traffic cuz they were honking at him !!

when you stop at intersections to take a look if alls clear before movin, all hell breaks loose behind u (honkin)

just 2 days ago a woman was trying to overtake me going down the bridge not that i was holding back traffic but there was a TRUCK infront of me...where was she planning of goin i dunno

listen to this, once the biaatch who works ( her daddys) at that furnishing place thats right next to gulf union insurance parked her range rover right at the exit of the parking spaces when i was just gonna exit, stops in front of me gets down and walks off and i was sittin in schock thinking WTF!!!!

ammar, your very right about people getting into restaurants and shouting, they get into all kinds of places and want to enforce their own rules banks, ministries, restaurants whatever

things r turning unbeievable


Um Naief said...

interesting blog here. i agree w/ you. i see this stuff all the time, especially in line at stores. i can't tell ya how many times i've been waiting for gawd knows how long and someone will avoid the line and go straight to the counter... and the thing is.. they get served first. it always pisses me off, but have only once said something, and even then, it did nothing but make me look ridiculous.

i wish i had taken gazza's suggestion and gotten out of my car and blown that princess bitch a kiss.... or laughed or something... but i allowed myself to come down to her level.

i think this topic is important but i don't think attitudes will change. a lot of ppl think they own the roads here and until the authority really starts to crack down and hand out large fines, then nothing will change. when someone is charged BD5 and can usually get out of it, then why bother changing the behavior.