8 March 2007

Hung up on the Past?

This "Facebook" thing is pretty crazy. I mean, i've tried all the other social connection utilites like myspace, Hi5, etc, and i'm sure other people have as well and know how they work. But this week has been a total mind trip.

My life has pretty much been unstable, moving around from place to place. I was born in Kuwait, raised in London, then moved back to Bahrain for a few years. Went to London again for a few more, USA, then back to Bahrain, and then to UAE for college. Spending a few years in each place, you start making friends, getting closer, and suddenly the time comes when you have to move and suddenly lose touch with everyone. You have to start making new friends, forgetting about old friends etc, and with time your chances of getting in touch with them get much slimmer.

But last week someone added me on Facebook. I didn't know who it was at first but kept looking at their photo, and it took about 20 seconds or so for it to sink in my head! It was someone I knew from high-school! Considering I graduated in 1997, its been almost 10 years, and from the looks of it, we've changed! Then I found a few other people, and soon, we were all looking at old photos of us back then in excitement!

So comes my turn, I decided to look up every single person I know. If I add up all the friends i've had over the years, i'm sure they're many! But to actually get in touch with all of them again? Thanks facebook. And just seeing old photos you didn't even know existed in the first place from back in the days, thats just something else.

I just got in touch with people I haven't seen, or heard anything about since I was 13! And they actually reminded me of things I didn't even know about myself! Weird huh? I've looked in my drawers and cupboards for old photos, and i've found hundereds! Will be scanning them soon for everyone to see. Should be a mind trip for everyone!

Always feels good getting in touch with old friends and old memories; personally for me, i've been hung up on these friends every time I left one place to go to the next, and although it was probably on a subconscious level, this feeling was there. I guess I can finally lay my memories to peace. Its such a cool thing, this facebook stuff, or whatever networking program you use. Enjoy it!

Another thing. Take photos. Take photos of you and your friends everywhere you go, even if you're not the "photo-taking type". They might not mean that much to you now, but when you look back at them 10 or 15 years later, you'll understand!

** This blog is in no way affiliated with, or sponsored by Facebook! However, they are very welcome to sponsor me if they like! **

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