11 March 2007


Its just a single moment. It changes your whole life, and you don't realize it until you start picturing the consequences. Many people don't really take advantage of this and continue doing whatever they're doing. The few who do, take a big risk, but also take the chance to be really happy.

Its that moment when it finally hits you; you need to be doing what you really love. You can't do anything else. All the time you've been doing whatever you're doing, whether its your job, your way of life, or anything else, is just the normal thing any average person in your society would do. And so you follow along; you get a normal job just like everyone else - the higher you are paid is a measure of how successful you are, whether it brings along with it more stress and less free time, or otherwise. You get into that routine, the typical life-style set upon you by society, following the invisible rules that have been placed upon all of us. As you grow up your dreams start shrinking, getting smaller, and then it reaches a point where they don't keep getting smaller, but instead start to fade, all the way till they dissapear. Thats how our lives are.

But today I had the moment. I was driving around, and it hit me. It was a flash, a second, a miniscule moment of enlightenment, and now my life is not the same. I know what I need to do. I want to follow my passion, and do what I love for a living, not work a pointless job in a fake organization. Its a tough decision though, and not a lot of people manage to get out of the regular routine. Many hide from the idea, and continue doing what they are doing. Its a scary place. Be secure doing whatever you're doing, or go full throttle behind your dreams, and risk being broken down for the chance to be finally happy and content.

My mood is so calm and peaceful right now. So enlightened. Its the biggest step and the biggest challenge i've had to go through in my life, but I will make it. I believe I can, I know I will. The world is mine.

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