5 December 2006

Dec/Jan Plans

This should be really good. I've been in Boston for just over 4 months now, but come December 13th, i'll be flying to Washington DC for a few days. Capital of the moden free world, lol. I have a few things to do there but at the same time, I also want to take a look at the obvious things here and there; the White House, Lincoln Memorial, etc.

Then on the 17th, flying to Los Angeles, California, home of Hollywood, Universal Studies, Beverly Hills et al. After a few days there, a 4 hour drive up to Las Vegas, Sin City, and modern entertainment capital of the US. Its not just gambling and hookers anymore, for those that think of it this way. There are a million other things to do there. I'll post pix and stories as my trip unfolds.

After Las Vegas, i'll be driving down to San Diego to go to Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Mission Beach, GasLamp Quarter, and everything else San Diego has to offer. A quick two day trip to Disneyland in Anaheim should end a beautiful 10 day trip in California/Nevada, and i'll be flying back to Boston on the 28th of December.

But no, it doesn't end there! I'll be going to New York City on the 30th, to get ready for New Year in Times Square! And then staying there for a week or so, obviously to visit everything in NY. And on the 13th ill be going over to Detroit Michigan, for the biggest car show of the year; the NAIAS (N.America Int'l Auto Show). And finally will be flying back to Bahrain. Wow. Should be a really good trip ;) I'll post everything that happens as it does.

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