18 November 2011

Who Sain

Just finished filming and editing this music video - Sain is an Emirati rapper who just burst onto the scene; we tried to do a little something different with this one. Forget the regular girls, cars and money in your average rap videos, this takes you into the mind of someone 'inSain'. We put a few hidden messages in this one, see if you can figure any out. Enjoy.


 For more info check out www.OfficialSain.com

Track: Who's Sain, Artist: Sain, Beat By: Megrov, Produced by: Co-Sign 
Video shot & directed by: ammaro productions


Semaj said...

Great beat in that song. Great editing on your part. Who is the nurse in the video? She's very attractive.

Anonymous said...

Wow, pretty cool, i like!

ammaro said...

Haha Semaj, she's a girl working here in Dubai. Want me to give her your contact? :p

6491976 said...

Your work have amazingly improved (compared to The Package) Well done.

ammaro said...

Wow, the package is pretty old, lol! Check out my work on ammaro.com.