25 November 2010

ammaro Wisdom

Just because its ur right to be stupid doesnt mean u should be. - "ammaro"

The first in a series of #ammarowisdom thingies. With Twitter compressing everything we need to say into under 140 characters, the whole concept of blogging seems partially irrelevant at times. That isn't to say I won't be 'blogging' per se, just not doing as much of it (as has been obvious from my off and on posts over the past few months). For those that don't follow me on Twitter, i'm @ammar456.

On another note, i'll be revamping the whole site; this will turn into the hub for ammaro productions, mainly covering video, music, events etc. The blog will stay embedded on the right side of the page though (or left side, who knows, I haven't thought of a design yet).

On a final note, get ready for a big new project coming out next weekend; watch on this space.

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