19 October 2010

The Posters.

Finally, the elections are over, and those darn awfully ugly posters are going down, thank god. But let's be be real for a second. Did you SEE half of those people out there asking for your voice? If their proposed policies are to be judged by these posters, then ill just have to say we're doomed. Let's take a look at some...

Ok so let's start with this guy. Seriously? Did you actually look at your poster before deciding it was a good idea to print hundreds of them and hang them all over the country? Was it difficult for you to smile? Actually wait cross that, a smile here might be even more frightening. I would be very wary about letting any children near this guy, let alone vote for him. Hmm. Ok next:

Modern day Romeo, I would say. I love how the photo has been given a pink purple background, and his sexy smile has been photoshopped with a bit of a glamourous blur, fade and glow, just to make him that more attractive. Methinks he's depending on the female votes. Not that his strategy seems to have worked... Alright, neeexxxttt...

I like how this guy has a ribbon wrapped around him. Yes, it is me, I am your parliamentary gift, vote for me. Love it. Err, no vote.

This guy is the best. He has a tiger in his poster. How many candidates do you know who have a bloody tiger? This guy must rock. Or not.

Another creative guy. This time, this dude decided to opt for a more realistic looking poster. Hey check me out, i'm walking down the street, i'm a real person, unlike those other candidates who post their photos on plain colored backgrounds. Yeh. Okay.

I found this one hilarious. Couldn't find any funds for bigger posters? Yeah i'll be sure to remember your name when it comes to election time. What was it again? Oh, I couldn't read it cuz it was too frickin tiny!

Her slogan is hand in hand for a better life. I must agree - it shows that her life can't really get much worse; she's not exactly smiling much here.

And just as a bonus, here's one of the candidates' tent.

These guys make it so hard to take voting seriously...


el kheled said...

ur such a nutcase haha

CG said...

ha ha
that was hilarious. Poor lady having such a tiny poster. 1/10 for trying though.