14 August 2010

The Last Vimto

What's Ramadhan without a glass of ice cold Vimto? Here's a short movie I produced about what would happen when we run out of Vimto; filmed the whole thing in under an hour, and edited in another hour or so. Pretty quick, and yes it's a bit silly, but did it for the hell of it.. (Click the video for the higher res version) - Enjoy:

Produced/Edited by; ammaro
Actors; Manaf (aka The RedBelt) and Basharo
1st Track: by The Recipe - 3 MC's
2nd Track: Damian Marley/Nas - As We Enter


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAH youre such a nutcase I swear to god

Anonymous said...


Semaj said...

that was great, love the Tang bit. I haven't had that stuff in years. I've been meaning to buy some too

Lamya said...

I'm checking this from my mobile, so cant view d video, but will check it later from my pc and comment..

Ferri said...

hehehehe good ! looking forward to seeing more and more ! :)

Ferri said...

hehehehe good ! looking forward to seeing more and more ! :)

Taqo said...

LOL. Very let go of my Eggo-esque. :-p

Lamya said...


Oh man that was hilarious..

For someone far from home, that was brilliant. Made me laugh, and a little bit homesick. Havent tasted Vimto in forever.AND YOU SMASHED THE LAST BOTTLE???? Sigh.

Maybe next time two pmsing females who are used to battling it out at Bloomingdales and Harrods 70 % sales can show your two butterfingers how its done!!!.

So this was really a treat for me.. That street was so dry I could smell it. Love the silliness!

elham bakhour said...

طريفه الفكرة :)
وكنت اتمناها مع كثير من الاكشن والحماس
شكرا لمشاركتنا الرابط على
الهام بخور

Lizzi said...

looooool loved it ;p

i*maginate said...

Had Vimto tonight in Al Ain...

Oh, there's a video! Hope it makes me laugh?


Anonymous said...

dude, this is hilarious. had to post it to my fb.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha.. I love it, love it love it! Thank you very much that made me laugh so much i nearly collapsed!

Keep it up dude!

p.s first time visitor.