28 February 2007

Random Rambling...

A bunch of things...

So i'm back in Bahrain now, got a lot of things going on. 1st, i'm applying for jobs here and there. I've been called for a number of interviews, some for reasonable jobs, others for jobs which are not so reasonable. Seriously, if you were a Human Resources manager of one of the largest banks in the country, and saw that someone had over 6 years of work experience, with his latest job being managing a full bank branch and directly supervising 17 people, would you call him up and offer him an entry level job as an after-hours data entry person? (ie. you copy numbers from a paper onto a computer). I really don't know how to respond to these people. The thing is, when I ask them if they've actually gone through my resume, they reply with "Yes we did! We think you're very good!". Ah, ok, because I thought my skills, experience and qualifications weren't really up to the standard of your "data entry" job.

Anyhow, on another note, i've actually started directing my own movie. Yup, that's right. I'm gonna be a movie director. I guess its the free time thats getting to me, but besides that, I wanna do something different for a change. First movie i'm going to release will be a little bit of a satire on Bahraini people's lives and how each one of them seems to have more loans than they can handle. Hopefully if that goes well I will be directing another movie with a more twisted plot. Think a bit of Pulp Fiction, mixed with Fight Club, Sixth Sense and The Usual Suspect. Yes, its going to be a bit of a mind twister. Also in the line is a Bahraini Fast & Furious. Anyhow, should be fun, i'll let you all know as they are completed.

More things in the pipeline include my webpage; i'm working on a final version full webpage; should include things like links to my movies (if they are ever full produced), links to Bahrain information, things to do here, some of my projects, online businesses etc. It's a lot of things in one. I actually wanted the domain name www.ammar.com but that seems to already have been taken by some French dude back in 1997. Dammit. Please if you read this go to his website and send him emails about how he should let go of that domain name. Alternatively if that doesn't work, I need a creative domain name; please make some suggestions? If I like the domain name you can win one dollar. Yup, one full dollar. No joke ladies and gentlemen! I have now opened up the chance for you to win a full dollar, only on http://ammar456.blogspot.com. How often do you get a chance like this?

What else.. Well, i've been hit by a bit of a flu the past few days. Bahrain weather isn't exactly what you call stable, and sometimes its like 4 different seasons in one day. Anyway I got hit by a hot day, followed by a cold day, then it got very dusty, and all of a sudden shifted to very humid. Thats like the perfect recipe for the flu. Anyway, i've been home the past few days just lying down, not really doing much.

I guess that's it for todays blog, but let me leave you with a photo I just found. It's me when I was a few years old. I knew I always had that "gangsta thing" going on (what with all the hiphop music I listen to) but I never realized it went back to since I was a kid, lol:

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Sorry for the rotten quality; I managed to take this with my cell-phone camera. Ah, cell-phone camera's, both a blessing and a curse. But anyway, thats another story.

Thanks for reading!

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