5 September 2007

Cashing in on Ramadhan

If you haven't figured already, people are going crazy overshopping and overstocking food for Ramadhan. Vimto, the popular drink, is flying off the shelves faster than you can say "Athaan Time!". Seems some supermarkets have even started placing limits on how many bottles you can buy (take a look at Eyad's Blog for more details).

So along come the companies looking to make a quick sell on food products. I introduce, Vivito, ladies and gentlemen, your quick alternative to Vimto (if you can tell the difference). I figured these were vimto bottles at first, until I looked closer:

They just released this product today, lol. I'm coming back in a few days to see how well these have sold!


Redbelt said...

Sorry Ammar
They didn't release it today. I saw this much earlier in the year.
And actually took a picture but didn't bother posting. That was in Geant.

I also took a picture of a "T-Fal" pan from Jawad! :) want it?

Anonymous said...

I hate fake products!
If a certain company has the money and the skills to produce a certain good, then it should go ahead and produce something totally new...

Why waste time on something fake with a ridiculously lame name when you can produce something new that might even be better than VIMTO!

Anonymous said...

tagleeeeeeeeeed :D

but maybe it tastes a7la men the original one.. try it anyway :)

Capt. Arab said...

Vimto or Vivita.. Who cares when you're breaking your fast.. With a plate of "gamaat" on the side, it could be called Viagra and people would still buy it..

Missy said...

its vivita no vivito , go have ur eyes checked,, LOL :P

I was talking 2 my mom abt it 2day. lol I was like, "mama el naas matakel ela fe ramadan!!! :|"

Eyad said...

I got it once by mistake, it tastes like crap.

M said...
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M said...

ooh many people without a doubt would pick this by mistake. =P Your post reminded me of our union co-op products here, they basically have a co-op products for everything. Ya3ni Nido, Vimto, Rainbow, hmmm ... Kraft!!
It would even look the same with the color, design and even typeface BUT it would read co-op!

So I guess the idea of vimto's ad is working.."el7ag by5le9" or something like that, actually made people go buy it :S freaky

Anonymous said...

You say vivito I see vivita! I love vimto and really glad I could get it in cans here in Cyprus! For some strange reason it reminds me of Ramadan! :P

Putting limits it’s a great idea! I’m really glad they are doing that!

Ammaro said...

redbelt; Maybe, but I just saw it today at La Marche, it wasnt here yesterday. Maybe production was specifically increased for ramadan? Anyway, well see how well it sells in the next few days

OneinaMill; Well, cashing in on free marketing, I guess

Rekoo; I doubt it, but hey, I just might. Lol

Capt Arab; true, they'll buy anything when they're hungry and shopping!

Missy; Vivitia, vivitio, vimtito, vimtita, whatever! It doesnt matter what the name is, still fake!

Eyad; Thanks, guys, the verdict is out!

Dynamic; Yep, cashing in on free advertising

Nora; Vivito actually sounds better :p

Unknown said...

I drink vimto nearly everyday! No I'm not exaggerating! There's something about its red, thick texture..

KJ said...

How sad! Disgusting drinks to begin with